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Is Tony Todd, the guy voiced Zoom, also voicing Creed II?


They better make him meet spidey eventually!


Let me guess, Carnage will be the main villain right?


Thanks for sharing 90 mins movie in 2:43 mins. Short and sweet


The trailer is awesome but not good enough as per marvel standards.


The only way this will work for Spider-Man fans is if this is a separate universe from Tom Holland's Spidey, or set in the future.


Prototype the movie.


Better than the teaser.


We Are Creed II


So where is spider man during all this? Isn't spider man an important part of Creed IIs story?


This trailer is better than all of Spider-Man 3


Reminds me of Spawn from the 90'ies. Whats with that shitty Creed II voice?


Omg cool man


Omggggg Creed IImmm


Much better




I dont like the way it looks. I hope Hardy plays the new wolverine after this bombs.


If you don't love me at my first trailer, then you don't deserve me at my second trailer.


Looks mad


Oh....oh this looks really, really stupid. \n\nSony continues to prove that they should not have access to any of these titles.


2:19 we are Creed II!


Worried that this might be a Tom Hardy action movie and not a Creed II movie. It's Tom Hardy still, so not gonna lose hope. (But not holding my breath for it either)


this trailer looks like dc movies trailer


Why i feel this is carnage with Creed II colors ? Regardless looking forward to watching this one of my top Marvel characters


2:08 When Creed II isn't in the Creed II trailer\n\nOh wait...


Bane just got an upgrade


And the winner for scariest Marvel film to date goes to.....Creed II! For scaring the *&!# out of me while still giving me goosebumps!


I like this Creed II, really have been wanting a really scary version of Creed II




So we are cool now?\n\n- Sony




I Always wish Tom Hardy act in superhero role , it happen now but not connected to MCU ߘߘ


ooooo this is gonna be so good


It's odd that they chose to play Eddie Brock as someone who is weak before the suit. I get that they probably did that to show a difference in character development...but that was definitely never the case in the comics. Marvel versus Sony's filmmaking differences I guess. I am glad that they kept the fact that he's an investigative journalist though. It seems like it could be an interesting story after all.\nThe top row of teeth are a little too big and there are absolutely no cheekbones to Creed II's design here. Also, traditionally the suit didn't add a bunch of height or bulk to Eddie...but over-all not bad. Hopefully, they have time to work on the CG a little more and make it seem like the tendrils are doing more than being pasted over his pre-existing clothes and get the viens a little more convincing looking. I'm glad we got to see him in the full suit though. I just hope it shows it in completion for most of the film and not just the tendrils. I wonder if they'll go the full route and have the spider symbol wrap around his chest and back and the white trapezoids on the back of his hands. This could end up being a really interesting take on one of my favorite characters...but I'd have to see more before I'd be convinced to spend money on supporting Sony with him. They have got me halfway there though.


Where’s Spider-Man?


Now this is the trailer I’ve been waiting for


here before trending


The CGI is heavy though


Please get rid of the Indian CEO... No... Just


Actually looks more like Prototype game


Look out Spiderman!! Creed IIs back!!!!!ߘߒߑߘ


its powers look like Alex Mercer (prototype game)


Cuantos antes del Millón? reportense verdaderos fanáticos


Looks a bit goofy despite trying to be dark


Prefer Spawn!


Será el fin del hombre araña ? :V


1:51 sounds like The Avengers Infinity War Trailer


The way she says symbiote makes me cringe




In the comics, eddie brock never utilizes his tendrils of Creed II until he is completely transformed into his symbiotic stage. Canon guys canon! The last scene was quite accurate except for the fact that in the 1990's TV series and even in Planet Symbiote, his face never wrapped around. On the other hand, the suit crawled around and congealed on top of him like the symbiote seen in Sam Raimi's Spiderman 3. smh but eh!

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