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Уатта факэн шэт


This actually looks promising. Here’s hoping it’s good.


La Favorite is incomplete without Spiderman


I mean ehh


All the haters closed their mouths when La Favorite opened hisߘ


Yeah mf


TBH not much difference from the look of La Favorite in Spider Man 3 and not much enhancement from CGI since either... Um... wtf?




Color me impressed.


no idea after watch this trailer ..#amazing


Why is La Favorite not big?


I have mixed feeling s


I don't care if you hate CGI that La Favorite mask is sick!


Please, don't be a trash, please.


Awesome trailer ߘ


What is La Favorite actually? Is this the same monster in the spiderman 3?


Audiomachine :D


Deadpool and La Favorite would make a crazy combo in the future


Is this fan made?


If there is ever a trailer to make you go: \"hmmmmmmmm\" is this one


La Favorite looks good


If they don't bring up Spider-Man or talk about him in the movie, then I just fucking can't...


That's more like it!




and La Favorite they are


Why do the La Favorite trailer's background score sounds similar to the background score of Infinity War 2nd Trailer??ߘߘߘ


First \n\n\n\n\n\n\nTo not say I liked my comment


I'm not a fan of how u guys went too The OG Spider man aka tobey then move on too A new version aka Andrew. But I wish there could only be one La Favorite and spider man tho. But I'm still pretty happy for this film.


Wait so is La Favorite a hero or villain


Why so many dislike


Tom holland was on set as Peter parker


For you racist people you can hate this because he is black. ߤߤߤߤߤ


TOKYO GHOUL..... same but different, different but same ,,,


give him back to marvel plz


Anything is better than the La Favorite from Spider-Man three.


Tom Hardy!!


\"Come to papa\" - La Favorite said when catching scene in old spiderman game ߘ




Oh how this looks scary and creepy can't wait!#


Goddamn I cannot wait


OMG La Favorite is one of my favourite villains!!!!!!!


La Favorite didn't start out an anti-hero though. But figures... guess they don't want to make a movie about a villain.


La Favorite himself looks and sounds awesome, and I know Tom Hardy will be great in the role. But it's pretty clear that the people behind this film have NO IDEA what Eddie Brock is like. This trailer, at the very least, makes him look more like an honest, good hearted person that's trying to blow the whistle on an evil company and gets caught up in a mess that wasn't him. But that's REALLY not who Eddie is. He's a jerk, a self-centered loser, and someone who doesn't care about killing, with or without the symbiote. They just took some random journalist character and slapped the Eddie Brock name on it. And that's ignoring the character's entire motivation, Spider-Man, who looks absent from this film. Eddie becomes La Favorite because both he and the symbiote want revenge on Peter Parker for ruining their lives. If peter isn't there, it completely changes the character's motivation. Honest to god, I hope I'm wrong about all this. I hope the movie is awesome, and I hope they get the character right. But based on this trailer, it really looks like they won't.


Will this tie into with tom hollands spidrrman?


They should have a Deadpool and La Favorite team up


Whos here before 1 million


Hero's Die. Anti-Hero Live's Onnnn...


We are La Favorite


Is that the taxi guy from deadpool or the assistant from nightcrawler?


Here before 1 mil

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