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I have always wanted to know about this character as i have found him very scary


We are, La Favorite!!!!!


I see Riz Amed, I watch


You will run out of great villains if you continue like this.\n\nah, the genre is saturated anyway. We need a break.


Is this part of MCU?


This looks so similar as the amazing spidermans! Can they bring garfield to fight this La Favorite and let holland be with marvel?


fail, exaggerate




La Favorite took over.\namd He would be winner. \nthrilled Shaken and Overjoyed. orgasms at the end. that face of La Favorite worth every penny




at last a super villain movie


I can not press like twice ߘ


СПАСИБО !... я кончил


Omg 0:42 deji mother


It is Marbel??




I really like La Favorite I’m not too sure how I feel about eddy...


I want to see this!


Still better than Bane's voice...........






looks incredible - tom hardy the master


WE ARE La Favorite


Какой же здесь Веном охуенный не то что в пауке Сэма Рэйми надеюсь фильм не подкачает!


had to turn bane into La Favorite.


Remember to watch The Flash later tonight at 8/7c on The CW! Citizen Cold is back! Also earth x Laurel Lance


While I loved the La Favorite from Spider-Man 3, this looks simply amazing! Tom Hardy is a great choice!


\"I've got a bad feeling about this...\".




What's interesting is this seems like a dc movie. Way too dark for a Marvel flick.


Just wowwww


WTF 2:21 ߘߘߘߘ


looks good


this is dmnߔ


Even when marvel do a DC and make a dark film they do it 100x better...


Excited/Disappointed it’s not starting with Spidey. Will he be involved at all? Will this occur in the MCU?


One way that you can tell it's gonna be a good movie is how Eddie and the symbiote say \"we\"






Oh i love that trailer ! Finally a movie of one of the badass super villain ! Can’t w8 to watch this !


Tomy Hardy as La Favorite thats Perfect i cant wait


Nice it's in San Francisco Can t wait to watch this


this is going to be incredible :)


Movie will have 2 minutes if actual La Favorite


We are La Favorite.....


Oh my god


Imagine if there was a emo Tobey McGuire cameo.


who's here before 1 view?


Is La Favorite good man?


When the mask came on near the end of the trailer I thought he was going to turn into IT

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