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Début du XVIIIème siècle. L’Angleterre et la France sont en guerre. Toutefois, à la cour, la mode est aux courses de canards et à la dégustation d’ananas. La reine Anne, à la santé fragile et au caractère instable, occupe le trône tandis que son amie Lady Sarah gouverne le pays à sa place. Lorsqu’une nouvelle servante, Abigail Hill, arrive à la cour, Lady Sarah la prend sous son aile, pensant qu’elle pourrait être une alliée. Abigail va y voir l’opportunité de renouer avec ses racines aristocratiques. Alors que les enjeux politiques de la guerre absorbent Sarah, Abigail quant à elle parvient à gagner la confiance de la reine et devient sa nouvelle confidente. Cette amitié naissante donne à la jeune femme l’occasion de satisfaire ses ambitions, et elle ne laissera ni homme, ni femme, ni politique, ni même un lapin se mettre en travers de son chemin.

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Now I’m in.




00:39 like Tobey..


Trending No #1 in Pak ߇߇


#1 Trending on Indonesia ߑ




Best part 2:20. ߘ


Trends #1 in Turkey


I love Jenny Slate, but I think she's entirely miscast in this movie.


No1 trending in the UK ߘ


Does it have anything to do with spiderman?


what a boring movie lmao




so cool!


В тренде Kazakhstan !!!


\"Anti-hero\" ? Dafuq\nLa Favorite = inner demon/psychopath


This is so much better then the first trailer tbh love the new look too


Trends #1 in Canada! ߇߇


Trends #1 in Russia


La Favorite was savage in even the spiderman cartoon episodes.


Oh my


If the end credit scene in deadpool doesnt atleast hint this then i will be disapointed


Stop saying sim-BYE-ote\nYou can SIM-bye-ote or SIM-bee-ote but sim-BYE-ote is just wrong bro.


i have watched this like over a hundred times and every time i hear the \"we are La Favorite\" i get goosebumps


How do 30k not like this trailer it's probably gonna be the second best movie this year,and first is avengers infinity war and if I am wrong we'll this Friday when it comes out


please, Come Back Andrew Garfield :(


Trends #1 in Poland WOW!


I am HowToBasic


I’m so hyped rn. Probably my favorite marvel character. Been waiting such a long time for him to finally hit the big screen in his own movie. I hope they pull through with this. Fingers crossed man.


Ahhh my favorite marvel villain,or anti-hero idk


Tokyo Ghoul in real life


Spider man was too busy making infinity war


Just wait till he gets ruined and put in a avengers movie somehow




Дайте два, мне и моему сыну


Just enjoy it man. It's \"La Favorite\" ffs not some random mid-range character. Just stop complaining about how it looks and be grateful.


I think it is definitely a movie to go to. I can not wait to go


sera que o homem aranha aparece?


Trends #1 in Poland߇߇


Finally! Hope ant man makes a cameo, they are in frisco !


We are La Favorite ߘߘ


When is this superhero worship bullshit going to end




950k votes up. Wow this movie must b sooooo important!!!!!!!!


La Favorite ist Gift!!!


Number 1 in Poland ߘ


I don’t really know where they go with this story. Is Hollywood just making up its own Eddie brock story and making him an anti hero?


#Madein **turkiye** #TERND1


La Favorite looks cool but the movie looks kinda bad

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