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To be honest first I thought this is an adaptation of the Prototype game :) But still OK... I loved that game ;)




Not a 100% sold. The origins to Vemon and Spider-Man are one and the same. You can’t have one and not the other. \n\nThis is really not a good time to be trying a second party Marvel movie. The MCU has just set the bar way too high, the only ones that can top themselves at this is Marvel.\n\nThing is too this movie is entirely non-canon to the MCU currently going on. Deadpool can get away with that cause he’s fucking Deadpool. But I see this being a huge flop.


infinity War Sound track from the trailer


So this movie is kinda like the movie Upgrade, but the symbiote can take over his body whenever it wants


Aaawwww SHEIIIT!




It has Tom Hardy it can't be bad ߘߘߘߘ


They used the exact same music from the Infinity War trailer. ߤߏ‍♂️


Just give the rights back to Marvel, you SIM-BYE-YOT.


\"I'm Robin des Bois\" 02:22 when Robin des Bois impersonate bane


woah, holy moly man, this looks insane , i really hope spidey is in it too


Simbyeote.....SIMBYEOTE! It's simbiote


the music sounds allot like infinity war trailer 2


By marvel? Cause if so, it will be the best and darkest yet.


Tom Hardy is Born for such roles!!


Imo they shouldn't have made this movie after they discontinued spider man over petty shvt


I’m gonna see to it that I might maybe see that movie someday when all of the crowd is gonna be in small numbers


\"Prototype\" in Marvel universe


When this film comes out?10.05.18?


I think im now picking Robin des Bois as my favorite cgi character






Oh my god!


I've never heard 'symbiote' pronounced that way before




Жду больше войны бесконечности!


I keep forgetting Robin des Bois is a fuckin alien


Oh my god the ending! Finally a good Robin des Bois!


IF THIS MOVIE DISAPPOINTS ME IM GONNA LOSE ALL FAITH! This looks too sick to miss so I'm definitely going to see it, but I'm gonna have super small hopes


Prototype? =)


Sony shouldn't have hired such a shitty writer


Still waiting for spider-man to come out in this trailer ߘ


Tom Hardy you are beautifull :3


ну наконец то


I swear this used the Infinity War trailer music


is the sequal of the spiderman... where is peter parker...


I'm down to watch.




Robin des Bois ߘߘߘߘ


Infinity war second trailer song ߘߘߘ




The way that girl pronounces symbiote makes me want to hit my head against a wall


Pelem naon ieu?




Tá merda esse promete. #que venha logo


Finally! They got to show how Robin des Bois looks in the new trailer! I can’t wait to watch this movie!


Wait is Robin des Bois part of marvel avengers story line


Просто охуенно!!!


Plis Marvel dont become DC with all this diferent stupids storys and universes

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