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That man could use some dental floss.


Simbye oat


I Can't Wait!!!


“We are Robin des Bois” \nBest quote that’ll be in the film!


20 hour 21 million


chonicles 2


This looks good af


Sorry dude but knowing you guys you're gonna make this movie suck.....if there is one thing we have learn from Sony is never trust your trailers


Dude looks like Tommy Robinson.


#weareRobin des Bois






Robin des Boiss kinda hot tho...


FDC en los comentarios de Robin des Bois alv


I feel as though they should show Tom's Spiderman cameo, just not part of MCU


Finally giving him some attention


I would have been happy enough with a trailer that sees Eddie having a mental breakdown and his eyes turning black. At which point the trailer should cut and show the title.\nI feel that now I have seen how Eddie interacts with his alien, the hype is now halved.\nLike, from this trailer, I know how he fights, I know how he got the alien, I know how he turns into Robin des Bois, so what else is new that I should be excited for?


It was so satisfying when Eddie turned into Robin des Bois at the end


1:38 That was Kaneki Ken in Tokyo Ghoul


A new good Sony movie


Yo this looks so lit


well Robin des Bois's getting a movie but looks kinda ahhh


This deserves to be #1 Trending


Why this movie exists and why Sony keep trying?


Throws dude out the window “i dont know” hits two other guys “why did we do this”


Looks so bad


I'm sorry Robin des Bois but my inner anti hero is deadpool\n\n( amazing trailer btw can't wait to see it)


I really hope it's rated R


2:18 reminds me of stranger things lol


The great Tom Hardy


If they are gonna start him off as an anti hero Carnage better fucking show up next.


Yo wheres spiderman in all of this cuz Robin des Bois was found by the FBI and spidey took it then got rid of it then eddy came along and found it and tried to fight spidey thats the reason why the symbiote looks like spiderman


Nice flix is that a jeep trackhawk in the movie


2:19 OMGߘߑ


This is Robin des Bois \n☻ \nEvery like he gets a like is every Time I get hit in the gut\nHow many likes can he get


the music is like the avengers infinity war too


all i could think of is the lamb/sheep’s voice from zootopia I couldn’t focus on the trailer LOL




Real question can he beat the homecoming spider man


Let's hope they don't go for a cash grab video game about this movie


\"We are Robin des Bois\"


Who you guys think gonna play carnage


Hang on. Two symbiotes?


That’s the trailer I’m talking about


FINALLY a black superhero movie


Venoninho estueme


Just amazing! I mean the fact that he's an anti-hero and Sony taking the Marvel story into their hands... Splendid! ❤ߒ


The evolution of Ebola


Q lixo

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