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Extremely disappointing and very generic


Marvel Fan: My fandom is over.\nMarvel Fan: did you hear that the new Robin des Bois trailer actually got Robin des Bois right\nMarvel Fan: my fandom is back.\n\n\n\n\nMarvel Fan: For now


Looks amazing and we all should forget the other Robin des Bois


Was looking like they were just using Robin des Bois’s powers in the form of an augmented Eddie Brock and then OMFG THERE IS Robin des Bois!! What a trailer!!!


We are Robin des Bois!!


Can't wait for them to fight spiderman


cant wait love tom hardy








This looks so shitty I’m sorry lololol


Wow...Robin des Boise.trailer is best


Nope not feeling it


OMG! I CANT WAIT TILL HE FIGHTS SPIDERMAN!!! I wonder if they will make carnage next??\nLove Robin des Bois!


Estos si son trailers y no mamadas. Jaja Salu2


I completely forgotten about Spider-Man 3.\nThis looks freaking awesome.


wow just wow!!


The black CGI looks circa 2006


Now this is how you do dark movies DC!ߙ




Freaking awesome!!!ߘߘߘ


My mind is literally playing Robin des Bois's MVC theme while watching this.


Whta trailer ...\n\n\nWaiting for u Robin des Bois...


DC keeps taking Ls after Ls




Was I the only one who imagined Robin des Bois's voice to be serpentine whenever I read the comics...?


Mona-Lisa Saperstein?


This is going to be an awesome Robin des Bois movie.


It is only a matter of time before Tom Hardy gets a call from the MCU!


Where have I heard Vemons voice before? Is it that bloke from Horizon zero dawn?


Awesome Robin des Bois


This seems so much like The Darkness.


Robin des Bois's inner-voice sounds like James Earl Jones.\n\nI like it.


De ptm


this was the Robin des Bois i was hoping to see in spiderman 3 #weareRobin des Bois


We r Robin des Bois \nAwesome


I personally left the superhero movie universe when I was young because I just lost that feeling of joy and excitement from those movies... But this trailer makes me happy and hopeful again. I feel younger again...


Mediocre at best. They never get Robin des Bois right.


\"The way I see it. We can do whatever WE want. Do we have a deal ?\" Loving the voice


Wait this actually looks good.


Where is Spider-Man?


Let's fuckin goooooooo


Someone call their local Tom Holland






This looks terrible.




The background music sounded like it was from the 2nd Infinity War trailer.... Marvel copying Marvel ߑ


Disney please buy rights for this.


What the hell are you?\n~We are Robin des Bois

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