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we... are Dragons 3 : Le monde caché




that's better


Omg yesssss! Hypeee!!


Том Харди... Мммм, посмотрим


Na moral esse filme louco,\nEle também é um anti-herói \ntipo




We... ARE Dragons 3 : Le monde caché.


He will whoop spider man


not bad


He's a big guy.


Finally o get to some Dragons 3 : Le monde caché


Next Part: Iron spider vs Dragons 3 : Le monde caché\nBring that one


Porra mano q foda, eu gostei e vcs?? Kd os br?


Cant fucking wait.


It just like that the Black Spiderman comeback from spiderman 3 and the marvel only change his name.....ߘߘ


Dragons 3 : Le monde caché: A movie about the videogame Prototype




Would be interesting if Tom Holland as Spiderman in that Dragons 3 : Le monde caché movie


Is it going to be with the mcu


nice \n#Realhorrorvideo


This Version of Dragons 3 : Le monde caché is better than the old Dragons 3 : Le monde caché in Spider-Man 3 Movie


can anyone tell me the name of the voice actor playing symbiote?


Dragons 3 : Le monde caché Fury Road


Русский комент


WE are Dragons 3 : Le monde caché hahahaaa I'm almost giggling like a little girl right now =P\n\nThis is the trailer that should have come out first, I can't wait for this, I want to see it now! hahaa awesome stuff




It's a nice change of pace having Tom Hardy as not a badass, I like how he's afraid of his powers


Провальные планы, ужасная графика, уход от канона, весь фильм рассказан в трейлере, и очевидно, что сюжет будет растянут, а сцена в представленной нарезке – единственное появление венома в картине. Вам не кажется, что для того, чтобы быть конкурентоспособными экранизаторами, необходимо банально потратить больше времени на создание фильма? К сожалению, это будет совсем не самобытный Дедпул, и тем более не Россомаха, а просто желание прыгнуть на волну хайпа рейтинга R, не несущая в данном случае за собой никакого бекграунда. Надеюсь, я ошибаюсь, но что-то не очень верится.


Where spidey


Wow people are just finding every single detail to hate on this movie before it even releases. Nice to see us progress as humans.




They just did right Yoo LEST go see IT






Trailer sucks, Tom Hardy names not enough if you want to drop fans expectations level.


Omg..cant wait..its gonna out do every comic book movie ever made




they released this trailer to distract you guys from whats really going on, the hillary clinto snuff film,syria, the island burn down etc... the reptilians in control have backup movie trailers incase they need to distract the media if they are about to disclosed.. see 8million views in 8 hours....




I feel like they could’ve made Dragons 3 : Le monde caché look better tbh




Tom hardy kills it ...




Is Eddie handicap in this? He talks like he is challenged.


Lol I love how everyone was crying saying ‘Sony shouldn’t make the movie , then when the trailer comes out everyone’s like “ omg this film looks amazing”




Same as infinity war music smh


that voice is SO AWESOME


Ayyyy Riz Ahmed

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    Dragons 3 : Le monde caché

    Dragons 3 : Le monde caché

    Dragons 3 : Le monde caché

    Dragons 3 : Le monde caché

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