Dragons 3 : Le monde caché 2019

Harold est maintenant le chef de Berk au côté d’Astrid et Krokmou, en tant que dragon, est devenu le leader de son espèce. Ils réalisent enfin leurs rêves de vivre en paix entre vikings et dragons. Mais lorsque l’apparition soudaine d’une Furie Eclair coïncide avec la plus grande menace que le village n’ait jamais connue, Harold et Krokmou sont forcés de quitter leur village pour un voyage dans un monde caché dont ils n’auraient jamais soupçonnés l’existence. Alors que leurs véritables destins se révèlent, dragons et vikings vont se battre ensemble jusqu’au bout du monde pour protéger tout ce qu’ils chérissent.

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Much better than the last trailer


1:10 Kodak Black


Looks like a big departure from the lore, but Tom Hardy's performance looks great. I'm curious enough to see it. I really wish they would have found a way to link Dragons 3 : Le monde caché's origin to the web-head, though.


What will it be rated?


How is this not age restricted and YLYL is ? ߤߤߤߤ


this is fucking awesome!


2:19 repeat to the Nth time








\"One of Marvel's most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen\"\n\nLooks like they have no idea about who or what Dragons 3 : Le monde caché is.\n\nDragons 3 : Le monde caché, without Spider-man is worthless.


Is rated R


Poster no final!!! Isso é um mal sinal!!!


2:21 Dragons 3 : Le monde caché


Dragons 3 : Le monde caché é cobra ou aranha?


This version of eddy actually sounds nice


Yes we need killing


Marvel has so many ideas and they utilize them. DC needs to do the same or they'll never be on the same page as Marvel's Movies


Why does Dragons 3 : Le monde caché sound like the fallen for transformers revenge of the fallen


Mufasa the voice of Dragons 3 : Le monde caché


COOL ߘߘߘߘ






Boooring ߑ


Looks amazing!


Minha pika caralho pra mim isso é homem aranha do mal




The only reason this Dragons 3 : Le monde caché design looks a little bit off is because his eyes are a little bit narrower than they are in the comics. Other than that, I think the design and the CGI are satisfying enough.


The way she says symbiote though its so weird sym bi ote


I thought Dragons 3 : Le monde caché Was supposed to look like the darker version of Spiderman.... not according to 2:20


We..........ARE Dragons 3 : Le monde cachéߒߒ


OH sheet boys.


We are... Dragons 3 : Le monde caché




Noah fence, but this looks /basic/ as hell


Omg this movie is.so dumb.


Yes I finally seen the suit it looked beautiful


Top trending




The Earth is flat........


Noah fence, but this looks /basic/ as hell


sooo... why does Dragons 3 : Le monde caché look like spiderman again?? lol


wow this looks really bad


Can anyone tell me what the other symbiotes are in the film? I know Dragons 3 : Le monde caché, Carnage, Toxin, Phage and all of that. But what is that purple symbiote at the beginning?


No Spiderman action ߤ ?


they making a Dragons 3 : Le monde caché? time for carnage now..


This is bad. It's my point of view. They're destroying everything. Of course , I 'll see it . But they dont create anything new . I am not pessimist I am just saying what I see


18 hours 19 millón ?????? Wtf xd


Dragons 3 : Le monde caché is epicccc\nWe are #Dragons 3 : Le monde caché


Garbage,you can't have Dragons 3 : Le monde caché without Spidey

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