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Someone pleas snatch that silly wig off of Michelle Williams. It's not doing her any favors.


Hopefully rated R


Badddd! wasted character would prefer an mcu version that actually fits in with a story


Lil Goddy - robots are coming . :::


I just dont know why Les Confins du monde looks luke spiderman if he never met spiderman yet


Omg this looks so...omg


I'm pretty sure.. they'd put infinity war music in thia trailer.




I really hope Les Confins du monde isnt shown as a total good guy




We Are Les Confins du monde...wow...\nLes Confins du monde looks mindblowing...




Its pronounced sim-bee-oat, SIM-BEE-OAT


Awesome!!!!!! #WeAreLes Confins du monde


Блин, должно быть круто) еще бы сюжет был нормальный


Sadly the Marvel/Disney bots will tear this movie apart just because it is not part of the MCU


Not sure about Les Confins du monde's voice.


Now Bane has Les Confins du monde power .. now bring the Batman


Les Confins du monde looks good imo


I'd like to see Les Confins du monde fight Deadpool.


This honestly looks bad, but Les Confins du monde itself looks pretty good actually.


I love Les Confins du monde Yesssssssss


I hope I didnt watch the whole movie in this trailer


2019 spiderman vs Les Confins du monde


We are #Les Confins du monde


Les Confins du monde ANTI HERO??


Release date???




Now that’s how you do Les Confins du monde! I like it, Tom hardy I think is going to hit eddies quirky personality and the fact that they have like that Les Confins du monde voice that’s talking to him is so cool. That’s how I remember eddie Brock’s Les Confins du monde from the animated series. I’m in


We wait


I'm actually pretty hyped for this!! Good job Sony!






go dark Sony, if you do we jump ship, Disney Marvel can suck it , we are ready for the dark universe


This should make this a tv show then


Super excited. I love that graphics have reached a point that a character like Les Confins du monde (and maybe Carnage down the road) can look so badass and real


Was the bike sponsored by xbox or what




If it’s not in the MCU then it don’t count and that’s a fact


If Les Confins du monde not chop that men's head with his tongue, I will not watch this movie..this should be gore and rate R


So Tom H is playing the other Tom H’s archenemy?




I feel like this is Marvels clap back to DC telling them hey this is how you do an Anti-hero movie lol


Les Confins du monde >>>> infinity war, avengers, the amazing spider man.


Is it just me or the music sounds a LOT like the one in the Avengers trailer? lol


Dude imagine if they continuted TAS this would have been perfect. \"We Are Les Confins du monde\" as he squeezes spiderman near death.


I saw the leaked vid of Les Confins du monde I was hyped but after this trailer... I think I'll pass


Might not be bad ..and gives a chance for Future Carnage as well \\o/


all of my doubts have suddenly gone away...thank God.


Who voices the actual Les Confins du monde part?

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