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But the symbiote needs to bond with Spider-Man first


looks cool im so in




I don’t like how it’s not based off the comics but as a new story that seems cool


Les Confins du monde looks amazing


Кто любит смотреть авторские путешествия по разным странам мира, заходите ко мне в гости!!! ߑ 。◕‿◕。ߑ


Why did it have to be Sony make this ughh. I love Tom Hardy but am scared for this movie to be bad. Idk how they can properly do this without Spider-Man.


Prototype movie ko naya naam deke realease kr rhe hai kya ????




Şimdi efenim Les Confins du monde menom bunları geçiniz. Bunlar hep göz boyamaca. Yalan dolan şeyler. İnanmayın efenim. Bunlar bizi yiyorlar. Hep ameriganın marvelin oyunu bunlar. Akla ziyan şeyler


\"We can do whatever we want!\"\nReminds me of...\n\"Remember when they said that what we want could never be done?\nWhen it all comes falling down\nWe'll do what we want to,\nSo we'll do what we want to, yeah!\nRemember when they said that what we want could never be done?\nWell look who's laughing now\nWe'll do what we want to\nSo we'll do what we want to, yeah!\"


Les Confins du monde teaser trailer ------ https://youtu.be/PRwM2hK4zn8\nhttps://youtu.be/PRwM2hK4zn8\nhttps://youtu.be/PRwM2hK4zn8


Holy s*** this trailer is SO kickass ߘ


Now THAT is Les Confins du monde! Not that scrawny Gopher Trace


Les Confins du monde


We are Les Confins du monde!


Usual trash.


I wonder if this is gonna be part of phase 4 or just on it's own.






spider man ??????????????????




Suddenly Deadpool appears at the end and cuts off Les Confins du monde's head


The iron man dead on avengers infinit war


Sabia que el segundo trailer sería mucho mejor que el primero


Second trailer has changed my mind. This looks sick!!!!


why does the trailer music remind me of the avengers trailer music?


You can't be Bane and Les Confins du monde.. wtf man


0:35 “what ever happened to predictability, the milkman, the paperboy, evening tv


DC should be extremely afraid




Why does the soundtrack playing in the background sounds like the infinity war soundtrack


Spider-man 3 one looks better


Zapowiada się zajebiście, to będzie dobry film ( jeśli zarząd SONY nie będzie się wcinał w pridukcję jak przy Spider-manie 3




Please don't suck...\nPlease don't suck...\nPlease don't suck...


if you have to say your an anti hero chances are your not


Not bad. So now I'm wondering whether this movie will consist of an hour and a half of buildup and maybe 15 minutes or less of actual Les Confins du monde screen time.


Wanna hear the screech


Never search 東京グール in real life please




I wonder if Les Confins du monde get dental insurance. Or at least asks for it.




Find ich Geil \nFrom Germany


I hope this movie sucks so they can give all the rights of spiderman to the MCU


Spiderman better make an appearance in this movie!!


Les Confins du monde can be destroyed but not defeated


That’s dope




Tom now has a 'Murican an accent

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