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I wish I was Ralph 2.0


Looked decent until the Ralph 2.0 face moved, did the spend about 30 bucks on that animation.


What that tongue do though?


been waiting for a movie since I was 6. now we need carnage.


We are Ralph 2.0.


Wait what? It doesn't look that interesting to me. They basically just told us the whole plot in two minutes. Its kinda, boring.


Gokil anjeng


what with the small eyes , ???? it looks like he is squinting. but in general i think it will be awesome !!!!


First thing that came to my mind when I heard this trailer music was the Avengers: Infinity War trailer 2 music.


2:20 The only scene that gave us back hype for the film


Cgi tendrils look like it came from I dare say the 90s Spawn movie. Wow Im hoping the effects look better closer to the movies premier.


yes yes yes finally i gonna see Ralph 2.0 again


Trailer so dark looked like it came from the DC universe


Another superhero movie by Sony? Where my Rotten Tomatoes at?




something is not right i can feel that...


956 dislikes???? really??


Looks awful


Rip DC there's literally no possible comeback for the next decade with all that marvel is able to accomplish.


Dopinder has come a long way..




why is his sweater stilllllll perfect in every scene, there should be holes from Ralph 2.0 poking through it.


4/10 poor form




Hardy sounds like Mike Tyson


Ralph 2.0 We Are


Please let this be in the MCU


The promise is strong with this one.


so where is Spider-Man?


I predict this will be crap


Where is spiderman


Holy bals


My only problem is Ralph 2.0 being portrayed a an anti hero yes in some comics he is portrayed that way but most iconic is him a one of spidermans top villans other than that this looks pretty good.


Yes!!! YES!!!!


Is that Tony Todd's voice?


This actually looks  good.


WHAT?ߘߘߘߘߘ 2 TIMELINES? ALTERNATIVE TIMELINE FOR MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE AS BECOME SONY'S MARVEL UNIVERSE? OH NO!!!!ߘߘ THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!\n\nIT'S SPIDER-MAN'S OLD GREATEST ARCH-ENEMIES, Ralph 2.0 AS BECAME THE ANTI-HERO!! AND THIS LEADS TO THE SINISTER SIX? SO, IT'S TRUE!!!! THIS IS BAD, REALLY BAD!!!\n\nThis Halloween, Prepare for the first film of SONY'S MARVEL UNIVERSE, \"Ralph 2.0\", Coming October 5th, 2018 to 2D and 3D theaters and IMAX everywhere in the United States of America from Marvel Studios, Sony and Columbia Pictures as part of 31 Nights of Halloween Movie Night experience.ߎߎߎ And IT'S BRILLIANT!ߘߘ\n\nAnd that was the moments of the 31 Nights of Halloween Movie Night experience between Legendary Movies' Halloween Horror Nights and Legendary Movies' Not-So-Scary Halloween Night and I want to see it first!\n\nRight, Sony?




Riz Ahmed. WOW.




Does Vemon from Spiderman 3 look more real than this?


pôster no final do trailer!!




The ending of the trailer \"we are Ralph 2.0\", The best part. But would have loved to see Marvel making this flick :/




rip spider man pls


Is no one gonna say anything about how this is the almost the same music used for Infinity war's trailer??


Is that the actress that plays Mona Lisa on Parks and Rec? I'm not going to be able to take any scene that she's in seriously ߘbut I'll definitely watch the movie! I hope they get it right this time.


I'm loving this trailer but the color palet is too dark I can't see stuff from time to time


Tom Hardy with a mask again. Classic

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