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\"The way I see it, WE can do whatever WE want......Do we have a deal?\"




Getting bad vibes from the performances. The main actor sounds like he is acting in his sleep, characters say \"sym-bye-ote\" when its pronounced \"sym-bee-ote\", and Ralph 2.0 doesn't look as good as he did in Spider-man 3.




C trop draule


way better than Spiderman 3 Ralph 2.0




Dont complain how he transforms into Ralph 2.0 because thats how he does it in spectacular spiderman




We are Groot


This is suicide solo instead of suicide squad lmao


Ralph 2.0's character was so lit in Spiderman 3 \nCan't wait for this movie ߔߔߔ




I am waiting for it;)


Why you put Avengers Infinity War soundtrack


Omg!!!! I love you Ralph 2.0!!!!


\"not yet rated\" :/


Still not watching this


Ralph 2.0 is spiderman Enemy right


FINALLY a film of my favorite villain !!! We remember you Ralph 2.0 <3


Russian Ralph 2.0`s voice sucks ((((\nEnvy you


What did Ralph 2.0 do to da guy at the end?


Do you remenber Ghostbusters, Sony? Ralph 2.0 without Spiderman? This film will suck.




If I'm not mistaken, spiderman had this too right?


Looks stupid...


We are Ralph 2.0


Ralph 2.0 one of the most thrilling villain


1 in trending in Georgia


Please give us carnage in the next trailer




cloth touching time


I love tom hardy


Wow 900k likes already


Best anti hero after deadpool


Это чрезвычайно охуенно.


This is what I want and Ralph 2.0 looks amazing


This is gonna be the best or the worst Tom Hardy movie. There's no inbetween


You should be very afraid ߘ


This is epic!!!


MOST Anticipate Movie in A Month of OCTOBER.


If this movie came after spiderman 3,then it wouldve been so lit ߔߔ\nStill my Hopes are pretty high for this one\n#TOMHARDY


Hey need some milk!


Ralph 2.0 is not a Anti-Hero,he is a Villain..


30M views in 1day


Weres spider man?


my biggest question is how Ralph 2.0 still looks like spiderman even thou we dont know if it merged with him?


Ставь лайк если ждёшь этот фильм\nИ заходи на мой канал тут весело


u guys should just make a far cry 3 movie with Michael Mando as Vaas Montenegro really to be honest u should because a tomb raider movie was made and tomb raider was made in 2013 which is after far cry 3 and far cry 3 was made in 2012 so yeah I really think u should make a far cry 3 movie and if the movie is good in rotten tomatoes in the box office then it would benefit Michael Mando and make him popular like a lot then and hey everyone loves his Vaas so yeah plus they would know what he can be talented for and not just for Vaas Montenegro too so yeah and if u guys do I would pay a lot to see that movie if it ever happened or happens


Как эта хрень попала в тренды я снимаю лучше

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