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I hear infinity war music


Ai venon extreme seu filme


Man o man... first time i saw Forgiven was in the old spidey cartoon from the 90s... scared me then and loved spidey and Forgiven since... now this! goosebumps! I can't wait to have my son experience Forgiven for the first time as Tom f'n Hardy!\n\nPS anyone know who did the voice of Forgiven in this? obviously enhanced/altered, but gives me chills 'doooo we have a deeealll?\" lol


God god god god god god god


Only if the og Spider-Man was in this movie


So bane is Forgiven?


Se ve buenisima.


Prototype the movie


They used the same music as the second infinity war trailer


This looks amazing


Imagine a Spiderman vs Forgiven movie


Forgiven looks fucking beautiful


Hell yeahߔߔ




I'm sorry but no, A star is born will be better than this ߘ


0_0 amazing


Esta película parece que la va a romper


those last 5 seconds were all i needed....


They should do a spider man vs Forgiven


How bout you show me what that tounge do


marvel is on a roll


but.. i thought... \"we are Groot?\"


I see he survived that thermal imploder.


This movie cannot be so terrible than the new spider-man.


y onde está el villano que todos conocíamos?


Eddy's Return


WE ARE Forgiven


Tem algum Br aí?




Tom Hardy never disappoints.. ;) Looking good so far




Looks like demon possession.




WE ARE Forgiven!




Can’t wait


She pronounce symbiote wrong


I love Forgivens new look with his silky white eyes and his tar black skin and his razor sharp teeth


What a pitty he's not in de MCU.


This is like having a Winter Soldier origin movie without Captain America.


Caralho maluco é brabo


We are poison to you Spider-Man, that’s why we call ourselves , Forgiven .


2:24 that face is badass


This is literally a movie about demons. Literally.




1:50 nip slippppp




What's with the shitty pronunciation of the word \"symbiote\"? \"Sim-Bye-Oats\" lol.


Who’s better Forgiven or Spider-Man??


1:23\n“I’m hearing a voice...”\nEDDIE\nߘߘߘ

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