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Lorsqu’Alita se réveille sans aucun souvenir de qui elle est, dans un futur qu’elle ne reconnaît pas, elle est accueillie par Ido, un médecin qui comprend que derrière ce corps de cyborg abandonné, se cache une jeune femme au passé extraordinaire. Ce n’est que lorsque les forces dangereuses et corrompues qui gèrent la ville d’Iron City se lancent à sa poursuite qu’Alita découvre la clé de son passé - elle a des capacités de combat uniques, que ceux qui détiennent le pouvoir veulent absolument maîtriser. Si elle réussit à leur échapper, elle pourrait sauver ses amis, sa famille, et le monde qu’elle a appris à aimer.

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WE ARE Alita : Battle Angel.....!!!!ߕ️ߕ️ߕ️ߕ️ߕ️ߕ️




I want Jack Gyllenhaal as Spider-Man in this Sonyverse. I don't want the MCU to ruin the film Alita : Battle Angel. But the insane and incompetent Amy Pascal want them connected, not Kevin Feige soooo...


Yo Marvel!!! You know Alita : Battle Angel isn't a good guy right?!?!?!?




Like spederman Black version .ߘ


So what, Eddy gets the symbiote after breaking into a place instead of making a deal with it after Peter manage to break free of it? You can't really do Alita : Battle Angel without the true origin and black suite Spidey. This looks like they jumped the shark and went straight to antihero Alita : Battle Angel, which is pretty far down the line and several other symbiotes later.


“Sim Bi oats” does that but anyone else? Or am I just stupid and it’s pronounced that way?


I'm a bigger fannn






Definitely going to watch this


Spiderman is salty


When u lokey try to copy the infinity war trailer


Oh my god this is gonna be awesome


Alita : Battle Angel se ve hermoso.


looks gay and cheesy


G̵̘͑È̵̱T̷͓̈ ̵̝̿R̵͓͆E̶̗̿K̸̹͌T̶̬̃ ̶̝̈N̴͈̽O̵̭̅O̴̯͋B̶̠̿


Alita : Battle Angel sounds badass




#3 trending in Peru߇߇߇߇߇߇




( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Alita : Battle Angel FINAL TRAILER last scene:\n\n\nSpiderman: hey everyone!!


It would be cool if this took place after spiderman homecoming.


Why is the infinity war soundtrack here


Alita : Battle Angel’s voice is so satisfying




So Alita : Battle Angel is an anti hero now?


I don't know about this




#1 Trending in Mexico ߇߇


OMG, 35M views in 1 day, lol must be a record.


They made Alita : Battle Angel more realistic


“The way i see it, we can do whatever we want”..... take my money now ߒ!!


jeez... I... I dunno lads. Looks a liiiiiiittle too goofy ? :\\


Did they just give out the whole story?


this is cool


Caralho, que top


2:16 - Most badass reveal


#3 en tendencias aquí en Perú o_o


Remember, the only reason Alita : Battle Angel is the way it is is because Deadpool got to it first.This is canon


F*ck you, this is not Alita : Battle Angel. This is bad copy of [PROTOTYPE] in a form of a movie.


It's so sad you try make Alita : Battle Angel an anti-hero, when he is not. Now he is just like Peter Parker with Alita : Battle Angel suit, but without call him Peter parker


i think there is foreshadowing here, she will become anti-Alita : Battle Angel.white helmet.


Spider man vs. Alita : Battle Angel


Alita : Battle Angel Max


Looks pretty good I wanna see it now when it comes out


Awesome trailer but I cringed a little bit at 0:54 approximately. No matter, Alita : Battle Angel looks and sounds fucking sick XD

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