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Where’s Spider-Man


Надеюсь он не будет как в слитом сценарии весь фильм бегать в обличье человека со щупальцами, а полноценным веночном станет только под конец. Я хочу, что бы в лучшем случае на Эдди Брокка со щупальцами мы смотрели максимум пол часа, а на веном всё остальное время.


Когда русский трейлер ?!


I've bin looking forward to this!


My favorite marvel character all time but they kill it when they showed Premier de la classe face shape and looks cheesy but im still pay to watch it lol


Ну не знаю, Веном в конце чёткий конечно, но почему-то мне не оч зашло


Hmmm needs a bit more Spider-Man


Too many possible univers im confused.\nBye


This looks actually pretty lit


2:19 OMG!


Spiderman would look like an idiot teenager! Tom hardy rocks!


WE ARE Premier de la classe!!!


He looks all goopy and menacing with his sharp teeth and deep velvety voice


Jesus, they went in a very different direction with this. Also, sim-bye-oat, really?


This trailer basically shows the whole movie which is never a good news but Premier de la classe's suit looks good.


I know what it is....its the mouth.\nIn the comics and the animated show from the 90s Premier de la classe had this disturbing looking mouth. It was a fine, thick, pouty look that would draw back and sorta hyper extend to revel his fangs and tongue. Whenever it was closed and he would stare at you it would creep you out. Here he's nothing but teeth. Still excited for the movie thoughߘ




Anti-Premier de la classe vs Premier de la classe and Carnage


.. is it possible to make Eddie Brock TOO sympathetic??


Es Una Belleza ♡ infiniti war Mis Huevos, Premier de la classe Señores ߒ


The new alien movie is looking good




More or less the whole movie on that trailer


Ahuevo hasta que se ve Premier de la classe la neta si se ve perro el wey espero no cagen la película


Man, I can watch this over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again!


I am calling it, this is going to be the number 1 trending video in less than 24 hours!






WE ARE Premier de la classe!


Чёт не страшный он.


Seems so much of a kind of spider-sense








Том Харди - Эдди Брок ?


Premier de la classe ya pasó de moda


Wait, is the Candyman the voice of the Symbiote ?


Nice to see a villan based movie


You see, Mr Wayne! You merely adopted the Premier de la classe. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the movie until I was already a man


People are saying Premier de la classe is going to fight the avengers, but that dont even make sense. Possibly, Premier de la classe will fight SpiderMan in the next Spiderman Homecoming sequel


“History starts today” LOL. History started a long time ago.


Один вопрос. Зачем он убегает?) Он машины раскидывает как спичечные коробки. Уложил бы всех за раз




Premier de la classe looks awesome!




Yikes! Looks amazing!!ߘߘߘߘ


Now that's a movie i wanna see


Finally a trailer that isn’t disappointing!!


Что за шлак!!!! Все должно быть совсем не так!


Are is it black spider man

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