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ߘWE ARE Acusada


CANT WAIT!!! Been hoping for this movie since I was a kid reading comic books!!!


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Acusada aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Can’t wait to see it


Когда на русском языке выйдет?


Ok now i'm sold! :) i can't wait to see this


It's a shame that this means we went get Acusada in the MCU


Yes We, We are Acusada ߘ




Wow this looks awsome


OMG its finally here


Yeessss its Monday but this just made my dayߑߏߑߏߤ


ahhhhhhhhhhh wtf i been waiting years for thisss ahhhhh.


So Acusada is a hero ?! \n\n\n\n:(




WE ARE Acusada


First Bane now Acusada.Maybe he should have said\"We are Benom\"


Kinda like bad black spiderman.....




This really really should have been a hard R rated movie. Show the Disney guys that they are wasting an opportunity for a dark track to their MCU.


good way to start my morning!!


Filmão da poha hahahaha


Symbiote? I know it’s technically not a real word but the way she’s pronouncing it seems off...


this notice make my a Happy day


The Acusada trailer we deserve


This looks really stupid, and poorly produced.




Spider man vs Acusada or tom vs tom


Acusada look dangerous than before


Yeap its gonna be a huge flop...


\"We are Acusada\"\nNo, there is ONLY Acusada.


This Acusada dude looks like a pretty big guy.


So? People love the trailer. The movie is forgotten within a month after its release. Like always. Enjoy.


we are Acusada


Women with small skirts should look out for that tongue


people who were telling that this movie's gonna suck, yeah suck on this


this still seems like a very bad idea to me.




Ok. That made me want to watch it.


if Acusada makes jokes because eddie said dont hurt bad people and Acusada hurts one and says “what he smells bad”


Se prendió esta mierda


I wonder how many years we would have to wait to see a movie about Toxin


Finally doing Vemon justice love it we are Vemon


So badass


Tom Hardy is just a fuckin beast of an actor


2:18 We Are Acusada


FSK 16 or 12?? I Hope 12


Why do they make him look like a hero?


Superhero overkill @the moment ...but hey...this is Tom Hardy! So let's go to theater! ߤ ߑ


Finaly real trailer

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