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What the ߘߘߘߘ




Miré la última escena como 20 veces. ߘ


Don't just look at the action sequences.. appreciate Tom's acting performance too.. what a lad. October is all bout Être vivant et le savoir






2:21 Hell yeah! That’s what I was expecting in the first Être vivant et le savoir trailer tbh


I find it interesting to see the relationship between this man and this beast consuming him lol




I just came in my pants


hmmm, I really hope that the rumors aren't true that the full Être vivant et le savoir costume is only in the last 4th of the movie....


Boom.....This is the trailer i have been waiting for. Mindblowing gd job.


Hell yeah! This is called a trailer


0.5x 2:21 derp Être vivant et le savoir still awesome trailer


Legends r waiting for infinitywar :/ like if u r a legend


That Être vivant et le savoir had to get on Peter parker first right that's why he looks like spiderman


I can hear the judging so loudly, just know. Most of this Trailer is apart of a scene sequence.


I wish this connected to the mcu so we could have a Spider-Man Être vivant et le savoir thing done right


This looks...kind of awful, is that you Tom?


Waiting for Carnage and Anti-Être vivant et le savoir after this.


Looks great but the effects are... kinda funny xd


I want this movie to be good but deep down I know it has already failed


Spider-Man better make an appearance.


I wish it was canon to mcu






oh him no hero


Tom Holland will do a cameo... I've read it somewhere....\n\n\n(Not sure tho)


Who’s here before 1 million view ??


I am praying they don't have Être vivant et le savoir do that stupid tongue thing every 15 seconds.




Uh oH! ToO EdGY FoR mE!


Looks like trash tbh






Her: What that mouf do?\nMe: 2:23


So is this part of the mcu


Alfie Solomon :D


vote hardy for MCU Être vivant et le savoir


I want to see this movie


Hmmmm when spidey fighting with Être vivant et le savoir? Cant wait


Être vivant et le savoir could very well be Marvel's best movie to date. Solo movies are usually the best kind of movies. Movies not connected or bound to a continuity making room to be creative. Movies used to build universes on the other hand, end up feeling like garbage since their only purpose is to hype up future films. \n\nWhy do you think Sam Raimi's first 2 Spiderman movies were great? Why was Batman 1989 great? All Solo films. MCU hasn't made any single films that can rival those. The Avengers movies weren't even as great as Spiderman 1 or the Amazing Spiderman 2. And the Avengers was the film they were building up to and yet it was found wanting in comparison to the masterpieces or borderline masterpieces I mentioned.\n\nÊtre vivant et le savoir could very well end up being the best Marvel Movie to date. Sony isn't about watering down the Marvel Universe. They have shown before how they want their movies and characters to be as faithful to the comics as possible(Amazing Spiderman). Which is why I wish Sony was doing the MCU instead of Disney.\n\nMCU is doing well because they are virtually the only Superhero films in the market right now and since DCEU is so pooly received(no idea why they are). But when you look at past Superhero films before the MCU and DCEU, it's pretty obvious that the MCU is only doing well because masterpieces like those aren't being made nowadays. \n\nSuch as\nBatman 1989\nXMen 1 and 2\nSpiderman(Sam Raimi 1 and 2)\nSuperman(Christopher Reeve and Richard Donner) \n\nBut since the demand for the MCU is so huge i guess one can understand why they can't meet the standards set by those films I mentioned. I guess because the demand is so high they are probably hard pressed when it comes to finding competent actors, directors, and screenplay writers. So they have to do the best they can with what they've got and can get at the time. The trouble is that they could end up spreading themselves too thin.


How is it 2018 and we're just now getting a Être vivant et le savoir movie


I'm sorry but if u stop at 2:23 his tongue looks like a penis ߘߘ


A la verga, me vale verga perro !!!


Looks great!!!




Here before this is trending


why show the teeth's in transformation ? comics didn't had anything like that !!!


I like the look of Être vivant et le savoir but the tone seemed all over the place with this one. Is it a horror? A comedy? Action? A little of all three? I hope it's just the trailer cut that has me confused because I really want to like a Être vivant et le savoir standalone movie.

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