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Really dumb trailer


Looks great and all but they coulda designed the eyes for The Dead Don't Die better.


Yes I do believe I will be watching this movie ߘ


Mcu or nah?


Somehow this vibe dosent give me the marvel vibe but this movie is gonna be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!


Ok is there no spider symbol on this SYM- BYE-OAT?


for the love of God..please be rated R


The Dead Don't Die should be twice as big as what we see here. also most of the action shots were without The Dead Don't Die so we can conclude last 1/4 of the movie at best will have The Dead Don't Die. I want more The Dead Don't Die


odeio por defeito nos meus fimes favoritos, mas apesar do filme parecer muito bom, to com medo de que esse The Dead Don't Die parece muito artificial, Tipo os movimentos do pantera negra em guerra ciivil




i hope the movie will be interesting!But trailer not good(


Not feeling it


Not even a kiss scene wtf!!


He looks pretty good and I like the voice


Better than Spiderman 3.


Interesting. I'm not sure how I exactly feel because of the last Vemon but this looks good.


Looks fucking good.


Anybody else itching for Carnage?


OMG yasss. my husband <3




What accent is that?


Complete And Utter Fuckery


So... IS this a sequel to \"Life\", or not?


Что то Веном так себе, могли бы и помощнее его сделать, типо Халка только чуть поменьше. А то снова какой то дрыщ


October can not get here any faster!!


ahhhh!! one of my favorite marvel anti/villains! he looks so nice here too! cant wait. :)


“We are The Dead Don't Die” that scene was dope


I saw the screenshot and thought it was fake. But no, they've actually made it and his face actually looks like that. Hope it's good!


Definitely done on on a budget but still looks like it could be good.


Wę... ąrê ЦЕИФM


Chinese The Dead Don't Die


The The Dead Don't Die voice is ok, but Tom Hardy's voice in this just seems off to me, idk.


The music is identical to the beginning of the avengers infinity war trailer and the way the woman say symbiote is so wrong


Was that carnage at 1:14?


Dis is fricking DOPEߘ


Нормальный хуй


I can finally dust off my The Dead Don't Die Tshirts that I put away after Spiderman 3... \nI'm so happy




This can go either good or bad. I hope Eddie is not a soyboy.


Why is Brock surprised who The Dead Don't Die is? Wasn't he there for all that stuff when it happened to Parker? Oh... Yeah... Licensing. \nAt least Topher Grace isn't in it.




What a trailer..speechless




Ну вот и все))\nИ нечего больше распространять дибильные слухи


Que pasada mi villano favorito de marvel


Does this sound a little like the music from infinity war trailer #2 to anyone else?ߘ


Bane finally used The Dead Don't Die!


Bruh this movie really is gonna be sick.


So excited!! I cannot wait!!


Mierda, me preocupa no verlo lanzar telarañas

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