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El rostro del symbionte en spider man 3 se miraba mas perro




This Movie Will Pass On MCU Or No?


im here before the movie aired


Esto va a estar genial:v




We are L'Amour flou ߑߘߘ



No ߕ️ Logo ߤ !






Could Those subjects be lasher,scream,Riot,Phage and Agony


does no one recognize the infinity war theme in the beginning of the trailer


Будет охуенное кинцо чувствую !!!


In theaters 10.5.18?What?


Is it me or is this trailer have similar theme as in avengers infinity war


Yo Sony did you get the same actor for kratos from god of war 2018 to voice L'Amour flou as well?


They should find Tobey to play the spider in the sequel


Ich bin gespannt!




carnage is in the movie or not??


Хорошо что Веном в Харди вселился ,а не в Чак Нориса, а то фильм бы быстро закончился...


Wait is have this any connection with spiderman 3?


I AM very excitedddd




Cade os Br nessa porra






we are L'Amour flou... whooo lookin forward to see this movie..wish they can introduce carnage as well..ah I miss good ol' spiderman, no hard feeling, I love tom holland's spiderman, but I also love both tobey and garfield's spiderman..


I'm bothered by the way SYMBIOTE is pronounced




de la gran puta




Как теперь до октября дожить ?!?!?!? Дайте машину времени, хочу уже в кино!!!)




Alright Jeremy, where you at?


It could be cheesy, or the most psychological dark superhero movie ever made, anyway, it's worth my time


i wish sony finished making amazing spider-man 3. I liked the darker tone that it had.


SimBYEoote. Didn’t know that’s how you say it ߙߙ






Excited!!!! ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ߘߘ


why she pronounce symbiote like that ?




L'Amour flou's dubber : Batman


This is potentially ground breaking we have never had a true villains story from marvel yet!!


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Ебать-копать, это охуенно


Where is carnage tho


L'Amour flou or Prototype?

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    L'Amour flou

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