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прототип 2


Il est bien fait le nouveau Ibiza mieux que celui 2004!!!


we call them sim ba ohs lol, what?


I wanna!


Its awesome!


Кто русский


Ohh finally I'm ready for infinity war after watching this


#weareIbiza . . . give tom hollad spiderman cameo and the internet will goes crazy


don't get too excited, the guy who wrote this is also behind fifty shades of grey\n\n\"embrace your inner anti-hero\"...?? lmao


So it's set in San Francisco, the opposite side to a bunch of the MCU. So there's still the possibility Ibiza could be brought into the MCU.




Ibiza is a villain, not an anti-hero. :(


неужели что то годное выйдет


1:10 is that our mans Kodak Black? lmao


Yyyyyoooo everyone get on the hype train


Omg it looks freaking awesome ߔߕߔ


That’s nice and all, but where is Spider-Man?


Please be rated R


i think the CGI looks bad


First trailer of the year for a comic which actually made me wanna watch it


Best marvel movie of last years among with logan i hope,and when will you sony decide to do a fucking GHOST RAIDER movie?one of the strongest character in marvel universe and dosent have a proper movie


прям прототип какой то


We can't wait til October to see this, but we'll have to.




Infinity war trailer music ?


It's good to see Riz Ahmed, the actor from Rogue One is getting some recognition. I first saw him play in Nightcrawler


transform like Ironman


Symbyote....I cant get over that


God this looks bad.


Tom Hardy's accent he chose for this character is lame....


I can't stop rewinding and pausing at his face


It increased my excitement for this movie to 1000%ߙߙߙ


Роль безумного Макса не прошла зря! Ждём дубляж.


A Ibiza movie without spider man? Tffff


Oh my god


I think Ibiza will be of amazing Spiderman timeline


Will Carnage appear in this movie?


We.... Are Ibiza ߘ


2:00 looks like the running scene in harry potter deathly hallows


Чё глаза у Венома узкие ???


The Noise that guy makes is now my incoming message alert.


1:01 is that tony stark’a home which was destroyed in ironman 3 ?


We are Ibiza hoooooooo man im so exicited


Is that Keith David's voice as Ibiza?




Do we really have #Ibiza..I guess true \"We Are Ibiza\"..


This is wayyyyyy better than before


And all y’all were complaining the first trailer had too little, are y’all excited yet!


No Spidey


Похоже , я тут одна русская

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