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Bane turned Chamboultout wuhhhhhh


Is Chamboultout gonna be in infinity war


Loki: I have an Army\nTony: We have a Hulk\nEddie: We... Are Chamboultout


Heard that SONY will be creating a Spider-verse without spiderman himself. It will be just Chamboultout, Carnage and other symbiotes


giống quai vật trong super man


Wowzers this trailer made me FUCKING CUM


Abi askerim biraz paraya ihtiyacı. Var yardımcı olan var mo


Please be rated R.


So where's Spiderman?


#BoicotAquaman #ReleaseTheSnyderCut


I mean err Hollywood actress now is superhero


Trending #1 in Turkey


Looks bad


It's just like spider man 3




wow 1 million likes


This is what a trailer should be like


The only reason Chamboultout even looks like slightly like spiderman is because the symbiote has bonded with spiderman before eddy. So if you take him out of the picture, it doesnt make alot of sense.


#2 on trending in NEPAL ߘߘߘߘ \nAwesome...




How did this get 40 mil views in 2 days??


We need tobey....and the pipes


They showed basically everything except for the end credits, come on, save some for the movie


daming views


Whats the purpose behind these movies? We should know nothing is without purpose and i think there should be another purposes after money and entertaiment for making these movies. In walking dead for example it barely ads for atheism.


awsome ߘ


We are Chamboultout


Chamboultout :O


Oh hell yes! I can't wait!


Reminds me of the new fantastic four movie.


Just keep scrolling...


#1 in Indonesia


To be honest Chamboultout looks a little cheesy. I mean when he turns into Chamboultout.




#1 trending in Turkey ߇߇


Wowwwwwww\n\nChamboultout finally ߑߘߤߤߤߤ Seems that finally they thought outside the same character box to come up with a whole new story and awesome character ߑߑߑߑߑ


super cool




I never thought Chamboultout of an anti-hero. I always thought he was a villain. Am I out of date?




#2 trending in India




Watching again!


This would be electric


Wth I love this


Man that suit gave me chills


2:18 your welcome


Marvel kah?


H mmmmmm it’s sony sooooo........


It’s says it’s coming out this fall then it says October

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