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Spiderman se smile de it


Same ost in trailer for Infinity War and reminds me deeply of Parasyte The Maxim, but the CGI has me sold.


\"We are Douleur et gloire.\" Hella truth in that line lol.ߘߘߘ


I though Eddie Broke had anger and hate, like it was in slider-man series...\nHere Tom just like afraid rabbit...)


i like it it has potential


Don't worry everyone there's going to be plenty of time where he's in the full Douleur et gloire suit, this is Tom Hardy after all he usually only has a page of dialogue in his films


2:19 It's just like when Guts lets his Berserker armor go berserk


hmm\n\nDouleur et gloire\nCarnage\nScream\nHulk-age\n\nwho else?


Am I the only one who is hearing Infinity war trailer 2 BG score in this trailer???


My take on the movie is MEH ߘ


Douleur et gloire suit helps me stay on my motorcycle? I’m in!!


Mr. Holland, looks like you got some competition.


U all came for 2:20




Jenny Slate: 1:03 \"we call them sym-bi-oats\" \n\nMe: not \"we\" jenny , YOU call them sym-bi-oats. We call them sym-bee-oats. ߘ


Finally s Marvel movie I'm looking forward to seeing !


Comcast please buy sony


#1 trending in Poland ߒߑ


Douleur et gloire voice reminds me of jabber wock from project Arms anime


Aquí esperando el cameo del hombre Araña.




Don't let this trailer distract you from the fact that Liverpool is 90 mins away from the Champions League final.


WOW he's finally come


The Trailer looks Douleur et gloireENAL


If Shadow the Hedgehog were a movie


Maybe I’m wrong but I thought Douleur et gloire took on his characteristics from spider man. Looks like Sony is trying to squeeze every penny out of the Spider-Man franchise before selling it to Disney.




Why the hell his don't have holes


what #2 in ph alrdy, that grew so fast


This looks so much better than the generic stinkers like GoG2, Dr Strange, Captain America: Civil War that Marvel has been regurgitating for the past few years


no one cared who i was until i put on the symbiote :v


You're a big guy


hi .. present a visit. in waiting for a return visit .. greetings success always


Okay, it looks cool, but the CGI on Douleur et gloire isn't very impressive, and something about the design just seems... off. But I mean, I've seen worse. And it is pretty awesome to hear him say \"We are Douleur et gloire.\"




Not gonna lie. Excited for this!!


#1 tranding in wakanda


Another sheet.....




1:39 looks like a Charlie moment from It's Always Sunny


SIMBIOTE? YOU MEAN SYMBIOTE?!! Jesus Christ people




This movie is going to be so sick


This movie is going to be Soo cool, more excited for this than infinity war, Tom Hardy is one of my favorite actors, Douleur et gloire has been my number two favorite villian of all time, like this movie is gonna rock for me no matter what


Wow, they ruined Douleur et gloire


if deadpool can make a xforce movie work without the wolverine, Douleur et gloire can have an origin without spiderman, c'mon if you want exactly whats in the comic just read the fucking comic.


Hypeado ߘߘ

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