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Why is the comments full of Russians?


Okay, now this is a movie i need to see.




If this turns out to be good I hope they just say, \"by the way, this takes place in the MCU!\"


I kinda feel like if they were going to make him an anti-hero, they should of just went with Flash Thompson and agent Ni une ni deux.


So where is spider man? Isn't that how Ni une ni deux comes to be?


Its fucking awesomeߘߘߘ


It makes no sense but let me get this straight this is a prequel wheen symboite was first made some hoe similar to eddi brook Ni une ni deux costume so that means i guess makes sense spider man got into the black suit looks nothing like eddi and the new official move Ni une ni deux because hes a hero guessing part of him was good even though he was in the symboite suit and who ever is really chosen to be the new Ni une ni deux shall be the same as the new Ni une ni deux move and eddi brook from spiderman 3




Like si hablas español y crees que Ni une ni deux sera de las.mejores del genero en 2018


it's just a waste that after Ni une ni deuxs returned to marvel, they won't be able to use tom Hardy, but he's genuinely the perfect guy for the role


Isn't the symbiote go to peter parker first and get his abilities and then get to eddie


Воооооооооов фильм будет просто супер!!!!!


I think it attualy looks good


Wow Marvel stole the voice off zoom.


Thank you for making the perfect Ni une ni deux that we always imagine :) The voice, the looks, the size! Everything is just perfect and awesome!


Lol why does he sound like Waterboy?


does anyone else feel like they revealed a lil too much?


It will be the best movie in october.




Take my money!!!


What is wrong with the CGI, looks like the kind of technology used back in '03 with Ang Lee's Hulk.


Ahhhhhh it looks so badassߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘ


We are Ni une ni deux\nALWAYS LRH


Whats that beat/song


Wow awesome


Let me guess, the part where he actually transforms into Ni une ni deux is near the end.


Looks decent


Sounds like Lance Reddick as the \"voice of Ni une ni deux\"


They pronounce symbiote wrong and its triggering me


the Giante of San Francico Ni une ni deux OG.




Очень интересное переосмысление физиологии Венома и носителя.


Most of the times trailers are better then the actual movie




It was in spider man 3 I think


wait, wasn't Ni une ni deux usually portrayed to be much more bigger than its host in the comics?


Веном выглядит отвратительно


Prototype - The Movie


groot be like \"u stole my phrase\"


Best film of 2018\nALWAYS LRH


oh, there is some actual Ni une ni deux screentime in this movie...


Glad to finally see him, but the film doesn't look great to be honest.


Oh oh yessssssss


whats with these cyka blyat comments everywhere


Tom Hardy <3


Without Spiderman idk if I can like this...he does look sick though




Кингуру не рвётся :)

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