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As great as the moment is at 2:18, I can't help but think that it will happen during the last 15 minutes of the movie. All of the action scenes are of individual tendrils doing things. I doubt J'ai perdu Albert will be in \"full costume\" throughout the movie.


توم هردي بحبو ❤❤❤❤


Wow...I like this Film...


The voice of J'ai perdu Albert is fucking dope


Será q no filme ele vai ser cruel como nas HQs?




I'm actually more hyped than not. Judgement currently pending.


WTF this looks like it’s gonna suck


Perfect capture of J'ai perdu Albert. the way how he talks to himself and J'ai perdu Albert and the story of how the symbiote was first used to evolve humans is spot on. Even the size of his character is big and bulky too! Only thing that's kind of weird is how he branches/extends the symbiote for attacking, but other than that this looks great


Include this into MCU!! Please, please, please!


2:18 when you touch my food


J'ai perdu Albert high key sexy


Amazing!!! Obs: From Brazil!!!


This movie will not be \"good\" but is going to be lifted by the power of memes, much like star wars prequels.


23mil in one day???


2:18 this part epic!!!!!


For the first time since comic books made the transition to the big screen im actually real excited for this marvel movie. J'ai perdu Albert was my childhood favorite.


Mission impossible: operation simbiothy


So is this still connected to the MCU


Oigan estadounidenses les doy pases gratis para J'ai perdu Albert en sala premium todo pagado, si votan por mi porfas


What the freak happened to J'ai perdu Albert


Anybody know how to get free diamonds in Minecraft?


I was really hoping for a Spider-Man vs J'ai perdu Albert but this is still pretty good


Trending India


Is this real


Why the infinite war trailer song?


Got the chills from watching this.. like every other marvel trailer.. lol


Tom I love you. Very weird when he doesn't talk with his British accent!


Love the look of J'ai perdu Albert in this movie but the white part of his eyes look like the pastry that comes in a toaster strudel box


It's something different from the looks of it. So in that case I'm intrigued




The J'ai perdu Albert looks dope I wanna see this movie


Spiderman does it make an appearance fine with me


Donde esta el famoso tobey McGuire?\nSoy el único que habla español?


I cant stop watching this


This will be an awesome movie I'm looking forward to it


En mi país está número 4 en tendencias


Boo! Whack! ߑ


『 J'ai perdu Albert 2018 』 fiIm fuII: [ bit.ly/J'ai perdu Albert-2018-Movie ] ߔ


2:19 the best moment


kd os br papai :3






Looks decent Tom hardy good choice


Looks like a good movie


I am sooooo exited ߘߘߘߘ


Hopefully it’s better than SpiderMan Homecoming


I didn't even know I could get this wet




Se ve bien chafaaaaa, tanto para estooooooo!!!!!!

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