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i keep rewatch and rewatching and first hated it.....eyes too small.....voice not doubled enough.....head proportion looks alil weird.....that tendril motorcycle scene is i keep rewatching.....i notice 1: his eyes do open up abit, as he is saying \"Searching - Portée disparue\".....sooo mayb that wont b their fixated shape (staying true to Searching - Portée disparue character) \n2: i also looked for the mouth shape, and at first it bothered me , but then i realized he does have the proper long chin/mouth width shape and proportion....didnt notice at first cuz suit is all black( nit-picking, buut yea)\n3: as i rewatched for the 23rd time in a row, i realized that i rewatched it 23 times cuz its growing on me, in a very rapid fashion\n......if his mannerisms truly are Searching - Portée disparue, all i need to see is that big white spider, and bigger more jagged eyes and im all in!




ߒ A hardcore 2:30min punch to all those who hated the first teaser ߒ\nBTW...I am one of those haters too ߏ but I stand corrected now.


Avengers infinity war trailer 2 bgm \nUsed


Hey it's that guy from Nightcrawler


I'm there




Searching - Portée disparue 10/10 ߑ


RIP avicii thank u for ur music


Yeah all y'all that were doubting this movie since the teaser can take this L


We are Searching - Portée disparue ߘߘߘ


Omg can’t wait


Been a huge fan of Searching - Portée disparue and carnage since the ps1 gameߘ its about time they made a movie!!


Design looks awesome, but story seems lame and cliche but who knows it just a trailer.


He would give great rimjobs with that tongue


Can we get a Carnage scene at the end of the film???!?


1:16\n..\nwait, wrong trailer\n2:08


Oh god I think I just jizzed my pants


Will Searching - Portée disparue be apart of the MCU?


Tom Hardy is easily top five favorite actor


Ooooh yeah that tongue is gross. Perfect!


There is no Eddie Brock, WE ARE Searching - Portée disparue!!!!


Well you guys still have a couple of months to clean it up a bit


I am no comic geek, but as far as my knowledge goes, doesn't the symbiote and Eddie themselves want revenge on Peter for what he did to Eddie. On the basis of this trailer I see no trace of a possible Peter cameo that could fit this movie. Anyways, it looks awesome.




I wonder who plays Searching - Portée disparue's voice. Or if it's a warped Tom Hardy voice.


\"We are Searching - Portée disparue\" ߑ


see you TORRENT




I never get why they even change and mess with the pronounciation of a single word. It's even a scientific word Why mess with simple symbiote? Just why?


Am I the only person who thought I the soundtrack sounded alot like the one from infinty war


who is the voice actor for Searching - Portée disparue?


Я один тут руский


os cara pega a porra de um vilao e faz eles se tornarem um mocinho


If we let this movie fail, Searching - Portée disparue will have to be in the mcu


Even if Searching - Portée disparue only appears for just 5 mins (rumours) \nMan he does look awesome


Dear MCU I trusted you this far .. please I hope it’s good !!


I just came


“Never wound what you can’t kill.”


Ok, actually looks really good. Wow


Thats a cheesy script


Was it made in the 90s


Yasss Searching - Portée disparue is finally back on the big screen!


Cade os Br porra???


So crazy


If only he was in MCU, but he's just right outside of it


\"We. Are. Searching - Portée disparue! Bum pa dum pum bum pum pum...\"


Почему у Венома арбузная голова?!!!!




Searching - Portée disparue is an another word for anti heroism

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    Searching - Portée disparue

    Searching - Portée disparue

    Searching - Portée disparue

    Searching - Portée disparue

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