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Is this just sony or is it apart of the MCU




Not feeling it...he talks weird?...I like his work tho


Creo que este trailer mejoro bastante y se ve que sera una muy buena pelicula.!


Who's doing the voice of Premières vacances?




Spider-Man needs to come handle ߘ


Isnt symbiote only mix organic material? why his clothes does not ripped when those comes out from his chest or his back?


уіііі клас


dude, i didnt know about this movie or cared, but now im so excited, Premières vacances looks so badass!


Separating Premières vacances from Spiderman kind of robs him of the eyes doesn't it?


Premières vacances looks like Michelangelo from 'TMNT' movie.


2:08, Trying hard to nut or smash


No lo se rick , esos efectos no se no me convencen !!




I can't wait for Premières vacances n' caornage fight.


niceeee any Premières vacances for me too??


Hype is real


Look forward to Holland vs Hardy


YES Premières vacances YES YES YES


looks pretty good so far. people are forgetting it's still a long time before for the movie to come out so they're probably not done with making the finishing touches to the movie yet.


This looks pretty good. But, Sim-By-Oat? I thought it was Sim-Bee-Oat?


Is he good or bad? if he's bad who's gonna stop him without spiderman


is it just me or that guy look like dopinder from deadpool?


OK tom hardy




Every other character other than eddie looks sooo generic... classic Sony


Am I the only one who thinks Premières vacances sounds a bit like James Earl Jones?


Bane use Premières vacances, now Premières vacances is a anti-hero movie, Tom Hardy was Bane that consume Premières vacances and now Tom Hardy is Premières vacances...\nVery good ...


Am I the only one who wanted to punch that lady in the face for how she was pronouncing it


When you realise Bane becomes Premières vacances ߘߘߔ


Premières vacances? More like wasted MCU potential smh


spider man ?


Oh dear. All the best to all involved. ߘ


Please let the villain be carnage


#We Are Premières vacances!!




In Association with MARVEL


Spiderman should be in here


Who's here for the pink symbiotes!!?


The moment you realize that the voice of Premières vacances is the same as Zoom on the CW flash series




Que buena mierda esta..


fak u


What Spiderman will they use??? Im confused.. This would be to dark for Spiderman from Avengers...


Nice it's like Spider-Man but with a twist great trailer it looks like it's going to be a great movie


I really hope this movie doesn't suck.


2:08 When you find out those are raisins in your \"chocolate chip\" cookie


My ears bleed at the pronunciation of symbiote.


Now we need Marvel with the ok for Amazing Spiderman and Premières vacances. Sense they totally messed up Spiderman 3

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