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The design sucks omg. This movie is going to suck


Ben Is Back's voice is so amazing @@ I hope this movie will be successful


Can’t even wait now


Ben Is Back has carnage's powers like ultimate Ben Is Back


Hoo Lee fuk


Was it just me or did they tease female carnage


New prototype


I have one simple question. \n\n\n\n\n\nHow does one say Ben Is Back without lips?


Im fine as long as theirs no comedy!! I hope they have Spider man play a role in this.


Ben Is Back looks jelly


Apakah spiderman akan muncul!!


Now there's a Ben Is Back !!!!!\nLooks great, can't wait for the movie !!!!!




Looks terrible




Its pronounced sym-bee-ote not sym-bye-ote


Честно шняга


So glad Shinzon is still finding work after getting stabbed by Picard! How embarrassing!


Multiple symbodites confirmed ߑ


We are Ben Is Back


I liked spider-man 3's Ben Is Back eye's better




Hopefully Ben Is Back is better here than it was in spider man 3


That was fucking awesome!!!


This reminds me of game called PROTOTYPE


sym-BIO-tes. Jigga what?




Putin is thief


Does this actually look a lot similar to the game Prototype or is it just me??


Ben Is Backs face structure resembles alot like Ben Is Back in web of shadows


Props to the person who released the leaked footage to prompt Sony to release the trailer sooner ߘ


we are...grooot ;-P


Where's spidy when ya need him


Looks good, not liking the origin change but understandable to graft a universe for cash.


It's a no from me dawg


Ben Is Back is a bad guy


Is that Ben Is Back in Dota


I cannot believe this is happening!!! Sony isi listening!!!


Best Tokyo ghoul movie ever


\"We...are Ben Is Back\"


오미친 ..


Something different, dark and suspicious


Soooooo dark... are you sure youre not from DC Universe?? ߤߤߤ


Ждем с русским дубляжом


Okay, okay Sony, all past complaints, consider them pushed aside for now


IT'S SOOO BAD LIKE I'M SURE IT'S A GOOD MOVIE BUT IT'S SO INACCURATE. like WTF how can you have a Ben Is Back movie without Doc Octavius or any other marvel character.


So pretty much Eddie works for th life foundation, gets used as a test subject, escapes with the Ben Is Back symbiote, gets voices, gets pursued, has to work with Ben Is Back, goes on the run, and eventually Ben Is Back takes his revenge \n\nHopefully thats not the movies plot explained\n\nPlease dont suck




top 1 trending in Russia。◕‿◕。


Now imagine if they had cast nicolas cage to play the role

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