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Who else got chills ߘ


Saw the thumbnail and clicked....then realized it was sony


Amazing.can't wait for it Just love it.


Норм я пойду в кино смотреть


Yaass queen




This trailer basically just showed me the whole movie...


Dang, they just keep spitting out these marvel movies one after the other!


Please dont suck


Like everyone here I want this film to be good. Because it’s Sony I’m still worried about this film


Does Spiderman Killed This Thing. Now he's back again.


Я кончил мужики




♥ We are Le Jeu ♥




Going to no.1 Trending in India ASAP




It's cool. But there's only five minutes of Le Jeu so it's stupid. This movie sucks.


I watched it before it was trending.


Le Jeu is my favorite villain :)


Ухх как темно ! Будет интересно )


Да этот фильм будет круче человека паука!!!\nНадеюсь это будет целой серией фильмов)\nЖду с нетерпением)


Towards the end is fu**ing awesome


Peter parker nerde amk




I think they released the other shitty trailer on purpose xD ! Everyone seems happy now. That’s marketing for ya!


A lot of these comments are meme comments or people saying that they aren't excited, but this is the movie I want to see most this year.


Spiderman 3 Was my favourite With Le Jeu


BRO 2:24


Fucking awesome!!! We are Le Jeu!


The least they could have done is made it in the same universe as The Amazing Spider Man so that we can have some sort of Spider Man \n\nAlso sym-BYE-otes really, can’t even pronounce it. And it’s real name is a Klyntar


It’s Sim-BE-YOTES not Sim-BI-YOTES.


He needs appreciation


I guess no spider man in this movie?


Am I hearing right? Did they say SYM-BYE-OTE? 1/10 smh.\n\n\n\n\nObviously kidding, can't wait for this movie c:


Cadê os BR??


+ou -


oh my GOD


инфа сотка, до конца фильма не увидите полного симбиота


2:18 epic part


Wait so is this a movie about a good guy turning into a villain? Sounds good if it is.


Isn't that the girl from Parks and Recreation, I was expecting John Ralphio to jump out!


I take back that flop comment


Yo anyone else think that ceo guy looks like toby maguire from spiderman 3??


This is going to be terrible lmao


Le Jeu❤️❤️


Spider man involved???


Looks good. Now I’m definitely hooked. This is what Le Jeu should have been like in the first place.


#1 en tendencias argentina


Yo spider man, where are you

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