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Here before 50 mil :D


This kinda doesn't look very good to me. I guess we'll see. I'm guessing it will be better than Justice League, but not by much.


I think that audio is of Brock telling Frères Ennemis that he needs to learn how to hide in plain sight


“We are Frères Ennemis”


#1 trending in #wkwkwkwLand


At 1:38 how does the symbiote arm punch through his hoodie but the hoodie is dosent have a hole in the back?


Well I stand corrected \nThey better put this Frères Ennemis in the MCU


Challenging marble <200 million views.almost to exceed


His voice sounds prepubescent


1 MILLION LIKES BEST DOPE Frères Ennemis 2:20


I was like looks good looks good, \"Sees transformation at the end\" Comic book geek in me yells in joy


Only problem: It’s pronounced Sym-bee-oat not sym-bye-oat. How could Sony let that actually happen


where spidermang


2:16 best scene of the trailer\nWe are Frères Ennemis


Are they going to show Tom Hardy's hardy?


Is Frères Ennemis enemy of spiderman ? This movie talk about ? :y




they didnt make it dark and serious enough.. won't be rated r.. they are trying to make money off large market of little kids




this is awesome can't wait for the release!!!! yes!!! this is so awesome!!!!


This is going to be good, I can see it.


Eu vo ter q falar: esse treiler ta uma porra


Where is Spider Man at?


Better make a -\n3-d BD vid after the release Sony idiots!


I'm sure when everyone saw 2:25 they got hyped af


Wow, Frères Ennemis actually looks really cool... I hope this is somehow connected to the MCU!


Infinity war soundtrack?!!


All I want to see is this mans Go Frères Ennemis


I wanna see this as soon as it comes out


#1 trending in Timbuktu!


I wish I had a mask like that, that would roll over when i ate some not so fresh punani


diosss pero esa la que voy aber mmgvasoses de espaoles


!!WE HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE!! ,I ,I mean I, I have to see this movie.


“Oh my spider sense is tingling, if you know what I’m talking about”


I don't want carnage to be some old guy, I want him to be an at least 30 year old ginger that actually looks like a psychopath


“In Association with marvel” those words are enough to make me cry....I’m so excited or it.!


I didn't understand, how Frères Ennemis threads broke his T shirt?


I'm still wondering if he has his spider sign in his chest


Always loved the character of Frères Ennemis growing up, but I really feel like Marvel & DC are getting to a point where they're just reaching. Stuff like Antman, B rate superheros getting they're own movie ߘ


I hope it’s not gonna be a part of the MCU




Guys try my video its really good


I don't want to get my hopes up, but my man Tom Hardy doesn't play around...hopefully from his show Taboo to Frères Ennemis it'll finally be worth the wait


Oh ok bye. Been waiting for this movie since I literally started my fascination with Frères Ennemis at like 10 years old.


love iiiiiiiiiitttttt


'Sim-bee-ote' lady, not \n'sim-by-ote'\n\nGah!


Guy:What the heck are you?\nTom Hardy:We are Frères Ennemis!\nFinally they recreated Frères Ennemis more stronger and scary then the old one!


When I saw the first trailer my expectations weren’t as high but now. There’s nothing stopping me from watching this.


2:17 ...I’m Batman


Sad. Just so sad. That's not even close to the original story line. Dissatisfied and disappointed and I'm not surprised.

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