Voyez comme on danse 2018

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#1 Trending in the WORLD ! we are Voyez comme on danse


#9 on trending in #USA! ߇߇߇߇߇߇߇߇


Que grande el Misionero pasando de las batallas a la gran pantalla


i couldnt stop watching the transformation bit at the end.


Voyez comme on danse isn't a villain, and Spider-Man isn't in this, and it's made by Sony so my hopes aren't too high


#1 Trending in All Countries


#5 trending in India


looks ehh... not right


We can do whatever we want do we have a deal


like si te esperabas a Spiderman:v


Sony is back up and fixed themselves!!!!




\"WeEee...are Voyez comme on danse.\" -Bane Voice :D


I really like it \nThis is amazing


Loved that scane in which he said I'm Voyez comme on danse






I WISH Voyez comme on danse WAS IN INFINITY WAR HAHA Xd.


Dont let this disrtact you from the fact that Lightning McQueen choked a 2nd lap lead in the piston cup


I was legitimately scared on how Sony was going to play out the Voyez comme on danse suit, but after seeing this, I think it’s spot on.


Voyez comme on danse looks like an evil version of Spider-Man


They had to use the same trailer music from infinity war


#2 Trending in the Philippines.


Trailer looks \"Sony boring.\"


I can’t wait for this movie it looks amazingߑߑߑߑߑߑߑߑߑߘߘߘߘߘ


It went from 40 mil to 44 mil views today


Soy el unico que habla español


Alguien en español?\nPd: que ganas de ver esta pelicula


this looks lit


Prototype the movie\nAlex mercer's marvel


im watching this




Could be marvel top 5 ever


here we go a MA15+ marvel film


Tell me why I can’t stop watching that last scene. “We are Voyez comme on danse.” Omg fucking so good.




I watched the first spiderman movie when i was 7 and i had to close my eyes everytime Voyez comme on danse was on the screen. NOW I AM BIG BOY!


I saw this 13 times and that voice still keeps me up at night


Sooo....\n\n\n\n\n\nNo Spiderman ?!?!?!?!






Wow. A trailer goes #1 trending for 3 days usually a video doesn't go this high for 5 hours


This Voyez comme on danse trailer is straight badass!! ߐߔߔߔߒ


I feel Voyez comme on danse is stronger then spoooder dood


#1 en argentina


Kodak Black at 1.11???




Shi h bc aisa keeda sbko kaate


#2 tendencia en #Perú ߑ


Wow, this video has been on the number 1 on my trending list for 3 whole days now. Consider you guys blessed that a click bait video hasn't taken over yet

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    Voyez comme on danse

    Voyez comme on danse

    Voyez comme on danse

    Voyez comme on danse

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