Les Témoins de Lendsdorf 2017

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the acting isn't that great to me but I like how Les Témoins de Lendsdorf looks


I’ll only be REALLY excited if Carnage is announced


Toby McGuire > Les Témoins de Lendsdorf & other Spider-Mans


We are Les Témoins de Lendsdorf..... Awesome




Holy crap this is cool


Another poop from the studio that hates Marvel characters.


if anyone finds this comment and likes it i will pay you $5


\"We are Les Témoins de Lendsdorf\" the feels I got at that part ߘ


This comment section is cancer.


Les Témoins de Lendsdorf FOREVER


20K disney fanbois disliked this


SymbIote not symbiote


Life project??!!


1:53 that sounds like Zoom from the flash.


Symbiots? Is Carnage or Anti-Les Témoins de Lendsdorf going to make a cameo?


Looks stupid and is probably gonna be trash


Why is 2:20 satisfying?


Guys I literally can't stop watching this help


Oh come on, just continue with Spider-Man 3, and fake Les Témoins de Lendsdorf's death.


Is that in the MCU


So this takes place in the Marvel Universe, right? Spider-Man exists in the world of this film, right? I’m just hoping this won’t be another Catwoman situation, where they completely throw out the world and characters of the comic, trying to be their own thing while failing badly. So far the effects at least look good.






This looks siiiiiiiiiick


Honestly really excited to see Tom hardy play Les Témoins de Lendsdorf. Going to be amazingߑߑߏ




Did they just use avengers infinity war trailer music at the beginning of the trailer?


Each time Les Témoins de Lendsdorf attacks from his body, why doesn't the shirt tear?


#1 on trending!!




african spiderman


Les Témoins de Lendsdorf design could have been better especially when you can just google Les Témoins de Lendsdorf art and see so many more better looking Les Témoins de Lendsdorfs. This reminds me too much of the 90s Spawn movie. It's like Spawn and Violator had a baby.


The soundtrack resembles the avengers 3


ߒߘYOU GO GIRLߒߘߒߒߑ


Tom Hardy in movie.\nMeans a muat watch movie.


Wut Universe is it linked to is it gona be part of Spider-Man mcu homecoming or is it its own universe




WE ARE… Les Témoins de Lendsdorf


Any chance Tom Holland would be making an appearance in future sequels






To me i think Les Témoins de Lendsdorf's the hero he was captured and released and he got his revenge... wait


Yea that's cool. Hey u should watch my 30 sub special


The new daredevil movie looks pretty good.


Lame. How can you have Les Témoins de Lendsdorf without Spiderman?!


Alguien que comente en español :(


#1 On Trendingߒߔߔߔߒ


I hope carnage appears in this movie as well, since it's dealing with symbiotes. That would be amazing to see Les Témoins de Lendsdorf and carnage go at it since they don't usually get along.


Whose the bad guy?

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    Les Témoins de Lendsdorf

    Les Témoins de Lendsdorf

    Les Témoins de Lendsdorf

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