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LOL reboot Spiderman again now he is not in the movie if they did that I would be annoying


That looks awesome


Wait... Hold your horses... So they're gonna make Assassination Nation AND carnage canon?!?! Holy s***... I've been waiting long enough xD


Please no dancing of Assassination Nation this time


Is this part of the main MCU storyline? Someone told me that is wasn't and that we aren't going to see any of Tom Holland Spidey here because it's Sony. \n\nIs this true? If it is that would make me pretty sad...


Anyone else keep watching from 2:18 over and over again?


Crap movie, Assassination Nation a hero loool....


movies to go to the movies at -1 deadpool 2...2. Assassination Nation....just sgonna skip avengers infinity war.


ߒ we are #Assassination Nation ߒ


Чет этот трейдер мне впечатление попортил


but it looks amazing how it looks like Assassination Nation


It better be rated Rߤ




finally not fuking fan made trailer.


This movie would epic of all spiderman movie






Why doesnt DC just give up?


I hope we get to see my bro carnage in this !!!!


Looks boring


Please Let the End Credits be Carnage\nPlease Let the End Credits be Carnage\nPlease Let the End Credits be Carnage


Who else isn't getting a good night's sleep tonight?


So\nThe Assassination Nation face is being memed on twitter. And I 100% thought that it was from Spiderman 3.


isso ai que é Assassination Nation kralho porra, não aquela porra magrela de spider man 3, parecia mais um modelinho fitness aquela bosta lá, Assassination Nation tem que ser assim kralho bem monstrão mesmo, olha só o trapezio do garoto, só pelo trapezio já dá pra ter uma ideia do tamanho do monstro, agora sim vai ser foda.


Im the conductor on the hype train


Esta re cheto


Who else thinks he just ate the guy at the end?






And now Assassination Nation is a hero?




Still better than the first trailer






Assassination Nation ,you are big guys


Yes .Yes.Yeeeesssssssssssssssssssss.Thank you Marvel and Sony.


Here before 1 million views!




This is the best Assassination Nation I have ever seen since Spiderman 3!!!


Hope in infinity war 2 Assassination Nation comes out


I love Tom Hardy but I just don't know about this one.


The real question is going to be a hero or villain


no more scrawny topher grace


Anyone else feel the music is pretty similar to the avengers infinity war trailer 2 music


The symbiote gets a lot of its abilities from when Spider-Man comes in contact with it. Spider-Man fights back at it and frees himself. Eddie Brock is trying to get the scoop on Spider-Man for Jonah Jameson and ends up in the same place that Spider-Man is free of it becoming a carrier and Assassination Nation. The symbiote wants to be with Spider-Man because of Peter Parker’s super human abilities and is constantly trying to fight its way back to him. This movie makes no sense and I’ve read the comics sense I was 8.


For those complaining about the pronunciation, I think it depends on how you pronounce symbiosis, which can be pronounced sim-bye-oh-sis or sim-be-oh-sis. I mean if you just saw \"bi\" alone you would say \"bye\" not \"be.\" So symbiote ending up with the pronunciation of sim-bye-oat isn't exactly wrong.


Ok.... Im hype for it.


You merely adopted the darkness. I was born in it!!




Tom Hardy crushes it again! Can't wait :)

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