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A la suite d’un grave accident, Lucie craint de voir se briser le rêve de sa vie : devenir danseuse. Elle quitte les beaux quartiers et part en banlieue à la recherche du père qu’elle n’a jamais connu.
La jeune femme y croise Vincent, un ex-danseur qui a étrangement sacrifié sa passion. Poussé par Malik, son complice de toujours, il accepte de la coacher et lui fait découvrir un nouveau style de danse, le break. Issus de deux mondes différents, Lucie et Vincent vont s’engager dans un duo passionné de danse et de sentiments.

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Quite similar to Prototype!


So they changed the origin story of Break from inheriting it from spiderman to this. When will DC ever learn. Some stories are classics that dont need to be changed for movie ratings.


This music is same avenger infinity war


looks dope.. Idky The word Break reminds me of Spidey :D


1:26 Me to my ex ߘߘߘߘ


2:19\nSO COOL


42m in two days wow ߔ




The big bad man in Black clothes wiith black hair. So cliché




Hopefully Spider-Man fights Break


OMG this is so awesome !


Break voiced by Zoom from The Flash


Cool got to watch the whole thing in less than 3 mins for free


Soy el único que la esta esperando?cada like en un no




I want to watch this so bad




Looks good, my disappointment is how it will not connect with current marvel universe. Looks like it will only show Break in full suit by the end of the movie. The costume attacking things reminds me more of carnage. If this takes off would be nice to see more symbiot added like separation anxiety


Perfect fılm


I am totally NOT into Marvel movies but this looks awesome.


Korktum mq naptın


Everything is ok but the eyes are too small


Break iss\n\n\n\n\nMichael Jackson


S tape dropping at 10k subs






2:18 best part, thanks me later




Infinity war 1 day away ߔߔߔ


42M omg Break going to beat infinty war


parce mas protoyipe


WE ARE Break


This is Sick !!


I am Break


Getting goosebumps


Sim.Buy.Oats?! No!!! I don’t want to buy Oats that has the word Sim in it! Wait....oh you mean symbiote? Dude it’s pronounce symbiote! NOT SIM.BUY.OATS! Ugh!


seems like protype lore in movie


Break, amazement at its finest!! Well done Marvel, I'm already at ߒ with the infinity war coming, and I can't wait to see all the greatest heroes together against the biggest threat the Marvel universe has ever faced, Thanos!


We are Break




Trending #1 Chile


has neither the spider man to save that bad


help me guys i want to get famous


This is the epic trailer


I really like how the Break symbiote is it’s own character in this adaptation of Break unlike in the older Spider-Man movies


Trending #1 in Estonia. This is going to be the best movie of all time. 42 mil views in 3 days!


Who old should you be to watch the movie


I hope 90% of the movie isn't just this man with some tentacle powers. \nI would actually like to see a lot of 'Break' during the movie.. :/


too bad we'll never get a crossover with spidey

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