Christ(off) 2017

Le Père Marc souhaite récolter des fonds pour construire un hôpital pour enfants en Haïti. Avec son groupe de musique chrétienne, il organise une tournée dans toute la France. A 33 ans, Christophe vit encore chez sa mère. Chanteur raté mais guitariste de talent, il croise le chemin du Père Marc qui le recrute. Condition sine qua non : Chris doit se faire passer pour un membre du clergé ! Planqué sous une soutane, au sein de son groupe d’Apôtres un long chemin de croix commence alors pour Christ(Off)…

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Who agrees anti Christ(off) should be in Christ(off) 2 and also put carnage


Why have Christ(off)’s face as the thumbnail? It spoils the reveal.


We... are Christ(off)


He look dope


Oh my god wow oh my god ( meme)


I really like how this Christ(off) has an almost organic look to him, compared to the Christ(off) from Spider Man 3


Christ(off) yay


It’s funny how everyone wants to see this now even tho everyone was hating on just for not showing Christ(off). People don’t know what a teaser is now a days.


Español :v?


I don’t like the way they are pronouncing Symbiotes.






I thought eddie is dead already from spider man movie


Dayum this movie looks mad sick also Christ(off) sounds so much like kurama(nine tails) to me lmao




2:18-2:23 Am I the only who replaying this over and over and over and over again? Lol I can't be the only one


8 million views in 1 day


We. Are. Christ(off). <3


I haven't nutted so much in my life.. forreal


Türk varsa bu ne aciklasin aq


Prototype 2 approved


anyone else lose their mind at \"we are Christ(off)\"!!?


top 2 on Philippines :)


Cadê os br?


OMG AN ASSOCIATION WITH MARVEL YESSS!!! with which company?? This means its going to be good.. Pls.. do not upset me i want to watch this movie..


OCTOBER! I was thinking of July/August but ok?


Tom hardy looks great, special effects are iffy tho


This looks stupid


1 trending on my country


Thought this was a spoof


Marvel is Smart.Hastag from Marvel, Always Trending no.1, Start from #Wakandaforever and now #weareChrist(off) .Awesome #ilovemarvel


What the hell is a Sim-Bi-Oat ?


Is Spider Man making an appearance here? I heard he's not but I hope they surprise us.


Is so dangerous from spider man


Повод что бы выучить English оригинальная озвучена ахуенна


I thought Christ(off) was exclusively a bad guy.


Minimo leyeron el manga cabrones?\nNo tienen ni puta idea solo por posser


#1 trending in sa




Tu plastico con actuaciones interesadas tiene algo de trailer!


#9 trending in the United States




#4 trending in Turkey


Are they gonna show, or at least reference Spiderman? ߘߘߘ


Spiderman is my favorite DC comic movie.






trending ߘ

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