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F*ckin Finally!


Imagine if Christopher Nolan directed this




We Are #Glass


2:18 Glass Movie is gonna be very Amazing


Glass voice though


I have a feeling that Glass looks quite strange.


Love it will see






No spiderman can stop you now ߘ


Time for a new Spider-Man v Glass


2:07 stranger thing reference S2


Will it be good tho? ߤ


In the final trailer we won’t be see carnage as well but definitely we’ll see Cletus Kasady... #weareGlass


Oh my god..i loved it


:/ não me parece ser um bom filme, mas vamos esperar lançar pra ver


não curti esse Glass, parece massinha de modelar


A so pota madre !!!:0


How’s the black goo able to penetrate the hoodie without breaking the hoodie?


Soundtrack avengers infinity war




Glass.... then THE DARKNESS..... omg we need it evil baby!


So cool ߘߘ


R u a Glass fan?


we.. are Glass..\n\n\nWuuuuuuuuuuuut!


I swear the music in the background of this is the same as the Avengers Infinity War second trailer just slightly different... am I crazy?


the real question is...will this be in the same spooder man universe?!?!


Оуууу еееееее


The Glass suit looks so cool


Cool, I got here before half a million


oh fark yeaaaa this is good!!! really really good! better then the previous trailer


Looks pretty bad


The last part is like Pennywise comes to a Marvel movie.


wow i am so happy to saw that


2:05 me when i see a john wick in fortnite


Carnage at 2:00


CGI looks bad tho


SIM BEE OAT NOT SIM BYE OAT... This better not be like the last air bender when they \"SOAK AH\" INSTEAD OF \"SOCK AH\"




Here before 1M views!!




Not everything has to be MCU cool. This is the movie the Glass needs.\n\nKeep Spiderman. THIS IS Glass


Hit like if u think this movie will break records.


eles fizeram bem em ter deixado tom hardy como Glass ele fez um papel muito bom na quele filme do aranha


We are groo- sorry Glass


Anti Hero nice


Lil Goddy - robots are coming . ::::


What is this ?? I just saw the whole movie except the ending.


Is this the first time a marvel villain gets his own movie? ߤ...and is Glass really a “Anti-Hero”...I didn’t think he was

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