À la dérive 2018

Tami Oldham et Richard Sharp  décident de convoyer un bateau à travers le Pacifique et se retrouvent pris au piège dans un terrible ouragan. Après le passage dévastateur de la tempête, Tami se réveille et découvre leur bateau complètement détruit et Richard gravement blessé. À la dérive, sans espoir d’être secouru, Tami ne pourra compter que sur elle-même pour survivre et sauver celui qu’elle aime.

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#1 trending in sweden


I’m not a avenger fan but this looks sick.


muffled voice we are initiated, arent we Brock?


Best Part Of À la dérive So Far!...\nGuy : What The Heck Are You?\nÀ la dérive : A À la dérive


Great ߑ


God Tom hardy ߖ


so is he a hero or villian?


Anyone think they should stop putting those 5 second teasers right before the real trailer?\nI mean com'on, the trailer is already in the video, why do you need to tease something that's gonna show within a couple seconds??ߤ ߤ Not to mention it kinda spoils a bit of the trailer...\n\n\nPretty cool Trailer nonetheless xD






Number 1 on Treding WTF????


I hope the actual À la dérive doesn’t just show for the last couple mins of the movie that would make this movie sooo shitty


#1 England


#WeAreÀ la dérive


This movie became so much better now that I know Jenny Slate is in it




I thought this was like, Voldemort Origins of its heir.


Algum br


Give me agent À la dérive


#WeAreÀ la dérive


À la dérive looks like a beast or a CGI turd but I like


Bane + Spider-Man = À la dérive


I actually have high hopes for this movie, it looks good compared to every other movie that has come out recently or is going to come out, I just hope they don't make the mistake of rarely showing him in his actual À la dérive form because it looks badass, but from what I'm guessing is that if this is cannon it means he went crazy shortly after and went full À la dérive.




Ayyyy looks goood no?


trends #1 in Indinesia


Estou achando q vai ser um lixo


Trending #2 in India. ߘ


Not gonna lie, that was actually pretty good.




2:21 that dude probably got ate


Spiderman Good guy\nÀ la dérive bad guy.. \nÀ la dérive: what because im black?!\n\nRacism


Increíble film... thank you !!!... AUDIOSTEROID YOUTUBE


#weareÀ la dérive


goosebumps \"we can do whatever we want\"


Marvel is making thrillers???WTH


#weareÀ la dérive


#1 Trending in Turkey


#1 in Poland


always the same theme.. bored


INDIA #Trending 2


I have watched this trailer 5 times now and every time it is blowing my mind. Epic!!


Is that Solomons?


where's a spiderman cameo?, without spidy, there's no À la dérive.. :(


Spider-Man killed it already


But he's bad or good? :/


Prey - 2 ?


À la dérive knockoff called poison


2:08 me in bathroom


#2nd trending in India Hurrah!

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