Vice 2018

Fin connaisseur des arcanes de la politique américaine, Dick Cheney a réussi, sans faire de bruit, à se faire élire vice-président aux côtés de George W. Bush. Devenu l'homme le plus puissant du pays, il a largement contribué à imposer un nouvel ordre mondial dont on sent encore les conséquences aujourd'hui…

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WE ARE Vice! WE ARE Vice!


._. Where's spoder man


Better than that awful teaser at least




If they widen Vice's eyes- then it would be alright.. just saying


This is literally about to be the movie of the year .. am so fckin excited for this




I think they should’ve gone for a hissing Vice voice without sounding ridiculous


I can't wait this is going to be amazing


This thing better be rated R


Does he lay egg - ned


We are tired.


Bro fucking finally they show a new one




Sicccc looking Vice


I need to see a Vice vs Carnage please. If that doesn't become a plot for Vice 2, I will throw paper plates. ߘ




Por fin!!!!!!




I shited my pants a little bit


Oh yes




Not a big fan of the costume. Hopes it looks better on the big screen.


Looks cool. Not going to watch it. Clowns In America. Nice try. I’m with Q.




The new Vice design is everything I was hoping for and more


Yooo I’m excited for this ߘ


1)Black panther\n2)Infinity War\n3)Deadpool 2\n4)Ant-Man and the Wasp\n5)Vice\nBest... Year... EVER\n\n\n\nOh... Aquaman too


Why the music track played in the trailer is similar to avengers infinity war trailer is it me only experiencing it or some other people too lemme know.


This is the Vice what we want


That was sick!!!!!! Helllllllll yesssssss


No topher grace in sight. Movie ruined xD




There were two container? Can anybody explain?


WE ARE Vice \n#WEAREVice \n#Vice #TOMHARDY


Wow he sounds so much like a New Yorker


Wow thtas great this answer to those people who were complaining that they didn't get to see Vice in the first trailerߘߘߘ but I kinda like the Vice that cant talk at least not in earth language it makes it more I don't know mysterious I guess also it will give the Vice more scarier feelings to it imo


The voice of the symbiote itself reminds me of megatron


I'm really hoping carnage is the villain


Looks like hot garbage


Does anyone think BGM also is similar to avengers infinity war trailer BGM


somewhat reminds me of prototype


Tom hardy Fucking legend


Music from avengers trailer. There was an idea


#we r Vice


He is so slimy




I really hope they actually give Vice FaceTime. Not where his face is pulled back for his entire screen time.\nAlso Vice’s face...omg that is what Vice should be. I really want to see this.




idk why but I’m getting actual Disney marvel vibes instead of Sony marvel vibes for this trailer.\nI think it’s just the way the trailer played out but that’s just my opinion.\nIt’s definitely not bad, im finally happy I get to see what Vice looks like :)

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