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Trending #1 Malaysia :)


what about cletus cassidy


I like this part 2:19\nWe are Crazy Rich Asians♥


2:23 CHUUߘ




Am I the only one who realized that this trailer has almost the same Bgm as Infinity war trailer ?!


eddie Brock as a hero


we ARE Crazy Rich Asians


Through the whole trailer..i was like where the heck is Spiderman. ߘߘߘ


nice trailer


But Tom Hardy is Bane in Batman? and Ben Affleck was Daredevil then Batman - is there an actor shortage?


A la verga, ya era hora, ya me tenían hasta la verga con sus spidermans.


Ewa kk nederlanders ߘ




Of course join the avenger


Mad max boy waOo


Aguante Microsoft perras qlas


I cant stop replaying the trailer, send help!


Can i get likes?;)


Prototype game play.


MAD MAX IS Crazy Rich Asians


this actually looks pretty good




Who is going to see infinity war tomorrow??




This is so fuckin creepy. . . I kinda wanna see this movie. Self-conscious Crazy Rich Asians is very interesting.


What The Hell Are You.....\nCrazy Rich Asians.....\nFAAAAAADU MOVIE.....\nGABARDASTTTTTTT....... TRAILER.....


Sounds and looks fun but why are you using the same music as Infinity War trailerߘ


Wasn’t he spider mans enemy too.


And Spider-man???ߘߘ


Interested to see how they play on the origins of the symbiote to not stray too far from the comics. I'm all for the Crazy Rich Asians story not being totally Peter Parker/ Spiderman influenced in order to find his own way in the movie world, except the concept of Crazy Rich Asians is kind of lodged in many comic book heads subconcious , and it's gonna be hard to ignore that fact. Looking forward to it all the same ߕ️


Please have carnage


This Crazy Rich Asians movie looks incredible! I think Tom Hardy is going to smash it as Eddie Brock! ߘ


Yes Yes Yes a million ❤️❤️❤️


Ha ha ha


It’s looks boring


I cant wait


Awesome Trailer \nߘߘߘߘߘCraze About Crazy Rich Asians


nope not good enough not at the level of MCU , they really did set the bar really high for other films now a days




this trailer is plague!!


1:06 sairat ( Akash thosar)


I think we need MORE super hero comic movies, they aren't making enough of them!


Nr. 1 in Luxembourg ߙ


Olum o Değilde Bir 41M Oluyor Bi 42M Oluyor Nasıl Bişey Lan Bu ?


#1 UK!!


1)Bane 2)Mad Max 3)Crazy Rich Asians. nice job!


Fabion lu pistulon


Disturbed: the movie



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    Crazy Rich Asians

    Crazy Rich Asians

    Crazy Rich Asians

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