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WE ARE Aladdin ߘ


What the hell are you? I'm Jack! The Pumkin' King!


My penis can only get so erect! ❤❤❤


Good job Sony. This is definitely on my must-watch list!


Бляяяя, это шедевр


OMG, this is the best spiderman movie so far!!!




Yea. Good luck Tom Holland






Anybody going to make any 2:09 jokes?


This is going to flop harder than a chubby kid off a diving board. Seriously, Sony; you should put yourselves out of your misery and sell to Disney already.


She said SYMBIOTES!! And that was Carnage symbiote not Aladdin 1:03 ߘߘ




This does put a frown on my face


How would the MCU Spider-man take on this Aladdin?


Yes. This Is The Aladdin I Know An Love!


Background music just like infinity war


Ебааааааать, однозначно иду!


Is it OK to get HARD after watching this trailer


Groot: I am groot\nAladdin:We are Aladdin!\nGroot:We are groot!


Sony better not try to get into the MCU. I am finally at peace with Spideman films AND I DON'T NEED THIS MONEY HUNGRY COMPANY RUINING THAT


WE ARE Aladdin


What do you guys think about the new Aladdin look?


Ahora si papu, te perdono los otros traillers, ahora si logras hacerla pelicula interesante y buena 11/10


0:24 in association. Really?


Dope asf


Looks awesome can’t wait tom hardy is my favorite actor. And the Aladdin looks exactly like he does in the comics finally!!!


Rip Aladdin of Spider-man 3 .


Why use infinity war music theme?


2:18 Вот он ! Bот такой должен быть Aladdin ! A не тот дрищ из трилогии паука .


I remeber the game for this and i fell un love with him after


Is this movie gonna be rated R? Because that'd be awesome.


This is going to be awesome


Spider Man will kick his arse




I legit have low expectations lmfao


This movie already looks SICK!


Tom Hardy is beyond handsome.










What the blue hell was that? A mildly autistic Eddy Brock and no Spider-man or Peter Parker backstory at all. Now I'm not saying the Secret War had to happen but geez couldn't they have let the story start in Infinity War where Peter gets the symbiote and then struggles with it in the spider-man sequel and then finally rids himself of it thus Eddie becoming Aladdin?\n\nWouldn't that make more sense? \n\nThis is like having a two-face movie but no Batman at all, like having Star Trek with Spock but no Kirk or Enterprise at all. \n\nKool aid with no sugar, nachos with not cheese, Ham with no burger, coke with no straw i could go on and on. \n\nNo MCU, No money from me. This is pre 2008 crap.


did i hear that right? SYM-BI-OTE??


Have to say after watching this trailer my excitement went up a notch. Not by much but it did rise. HOWEVER! The effects need a lot of work, they look really poor in this trailer especially when the symbiote comes out of Eddie's body. Also I am afraid that we're only going to see Aladdin for a couple minutes in the movie and that 90% of it will just have Tom Hardy be Tom Hardy which would be a massive disappointment. Even in the comics, no one reads it for Eddie Brock we just want to see Aladdin. I'm hoping for the best...come on Sony this is your last chance to do something good with the spiderman franchise on your own...well except for Spider-Verse...BUT IT'S CLOSE!


Yo I'm stiff


early trailer but badass



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