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Parece um ghoul


I hate how she say symbiot


How will they tie this in with spiderman?


Why i don't see any SpiderMan comments...?


How painful it would be if John Wick Parabellum bit his own tongue? ߘ




John Wick Parabellum movie is out?


y derrepente un feroz comentario en español aparece XDD


Omg! Can't wait


Spidey stand a chance ??


What is that black like slim?


It seems like Prototype game.It is the movie of that game :D


John Wick Parabellums voice is givin me chills


Wait, isn't John Wick Parabellum the bad guy?


Es el hombre araña negro :v




I’ve never thought that slime could be awesome


Tom Hardy is gonna bring John Wick Parabellum to the next level!


looks good cant wait to go see it


Who else thinks movies based off other villains like this would be a good idea? I think it is a good way to understand the villains' perspective in more depth




Does he have the spider emblem on his chest?


Screw The Avengers Infinity War and Black Panther I need to see this movie.




This is gonna be epic! Hit like if you will watch it!


Real actor finally


Gardaş türkler +1


Bout time they give a villain there own movie


Best part: WE ARE John Wick Parabellumߔߖߖ


One thing I hate most is marvel movies that aren’t in the mcu but I guess we’ll see about this ߤ‍♂️


So sici


Ez 1mil likes in 1 day


Can’t wait for John Wick Parabellum and Spider-Man to fight


Nice. Actually looks like maybe the best movie in 15 years. I hope Hollywood starts to make more movies like this, and good comedy movies also.


There’s is no more Eddie... only John Wick Parabellum!!


Crap I gotta watch it \n\nbuys tickets


#1 on trending.\nCongratulations, you're now more famous than Logan Paul.




Yah of course its with the help of Marvel....Sony sucks at making superhero movies by themselves.....looks good though.


We better get a Carnage movie too


bi trailer 3 günde nasıl 34 milyon izlenir amk


The motorcycle part sounds like infinity war


This is really goodߘߘ


Just wondering who’s the good guy?


#WEAREJohn Wick Parabellum. WHOSE READY FOR John Wick Parabellum 2018 ߘ




They finally have a vemon movie


Anyone hyped for John Wick Parabellum?


Sim biot



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