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Wait is En liberté ! part of marvel avengers story line


Просто охуенно!!!


Plis Marvel dont become DC with all this diferent stupids storys and universes


Tom Hardy movie = Good movie


Что это делает в русских трендах?!


\"We are pain\"\n\"We are En liberté !\" ߘߘ


Spiderman tobey maguire vs veno. Because this is sony picturess. Not mcu




If they bring carnage \nI will love this


Only 3 days lefet for infinity war whos ready...


holy crap En liberté ! is going to be good


Finally, my body is ready


Where is spider man


The eyes are so simple. I like the En liberté ! eyes in Spiderman (2007) version, even the body looks skinnier than this version tho.


Avengers Infinty WAR


but he's Bane.. Bane turn to be En liberté !?


Where is spidy


There has to be some prologue with spiderman, or else En liberté ! wouldn't look the way he does as the symbiote based itself off of spidermans suit as he was it's first host.


2:23 ok people were saying that’s Ryan Reynolds




those other test subjects are probably scream phage riot agony and lasher


This Needs To Be In The Marvel Universe


Is Tom Holland gonna face him in the sequel of homecoming?


When people don’t use high pitched frequency to stop the symbiote


Ебать ахуенно:D


Tom Hardy :facepalm:


At least they treat the symbiote as a character and not just a plot device that gives you powers




I thought there is spiderman with black suit too


where is Spiderman ?


I'm in love with the way it covers his face at the end.


Everything about this movie except Tom Hardy looks bad


i so hope there’s an anti-En liberté ! sequel tom hardy as anti-En liberté ! im so looking forward to it


I dont know why everyones upset i like En liberté !s design its fucking horrifying


Its SYMBEEOTE (pronounciation) -_-


I can’t wait for them to bring out “Carnage” next




I was waiting for this movie whole lifeߔߔ


It's the The Darkness movie we've always wanted! Oh wait, it's gonna be PG-13? Nevermind.


This kinda like The Darkness movie


We can all agree that this is like 10 times better than the first trailer, great job on this trailer Sony.


Vai ter a aparição do Spiderman ?


а что за кофта у него ? не рвется!\nгде такую заказать?


Oha amk






Okay, I’ll say it. This trailer is definitely better than the last one


W E \nA R E\nV E N O M


Sub meߘ Looks awkward like a bagger for subs


En liberté ! looks so dumb now

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