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Why is alot of people moaning that Spiderman isn't in it does it say Spiderman it's a My Lady movie who cares about Spiderman he has his own films let's let My Lady and Tom hardy have there own moment in the universe a can't wait to see this goin to be awsome #WEAREMy Lady


We Are My Lady <3




Here for it


Thumbs up for using 'We are My Lady', instead of 'I am My Lady'




I wonder how this My Lady will fall into the spiderman story line


That's the one complaint I had for Spider-Man 3, they didn't have a lot of scenes for My Lady, he was only seen in the church, the alleyway and construction site but this is gonna be interesting to learn more about My Lady's story!


My Lady > Black Panther


Tom Hardy the movie ft.My Lady cgi




me vale verga perro ;v


this was really cool, and I just love how My Lady the symbiote looks.


When you find out that the full My Lady symbiote has only 3-5 minutes of screen time at the end of the movie.




“We are My Lady” \nPlays Soviet Union Anthem


Wait... this is the Avengers theme...?!


The actor playing the villain looks like he's in his early 20s, while the actor playing Ed looks 40. This wouldn't be an issue if the actor playing Ed didn't also look all kinds of confused in every scene, like he doesn't know how to act. He's stuttering and mumbling left and right, but lucky for us that's not the voice used for the suit... which apparently talks all of a sudden.\n\nWhy does the suit say \"we\"? Why does it look like a Spiderman suit, with no references or ties to Spiderman? Why can't that actress seem to properly pronounce the word \"Symbiote\"?\n\nLooks to me like a quick cash grab aimed at people that liked Anti-Hero My Lady, with an even broader focus on people that like the concept of Anti-Hero My Lady but haven't bothered to discover the comics.


Nibba that's infinity war theme


Can't wait


So does this mean there is gonna be the 4000 th spider man


Head game strong ߘߒ


High hopes, but really low expectations. Should not have been Sony.


why does My Lady sound like a twat ?


Anyone else kinda annoyed the way she pronounces\"symbiote\"


It has the same music as the Avengers tralier




Pra quêߘ


Darkness II?


This would probably be a better movie if Sony wasn't involved


Era mucho mejor el de spiderman 3


Some how many here are DC fans?


stranger things oooo jKkk


Tom Hardy is Bane and My Lady has anyone done two as big?. Love the man


My Lady❤




\"My Lady Premium Format Figure\" from Sideshow. THAT is what My Lady should look like. This is good, but it's not My Lady ENOUGH. I'm glad for the R-rating, Tom Hardy, the voice used, and the story seems good but PLEASE, don't drop the ball. If you don't want the Spiderman 3 disappointment, PUSH THE ENVELOPE.


Looks dumb


this very boring trailer crap and do not blame me for this marvel, I vote for spiderman ...\nmeet him friend of the great super friends


Please be rated r \nPlease be rated r please be rated r


Idk why but this is giving me ‘horror movie’ vibes




My Lady has always been my favourite can't wait for all the Walmart shirts that are gonna be coming out !


Okay, at first I was skeptical, but now I have high hopes for this. Also My Ladys voice sounds super dope, and I hope Spider-man makes an appearance in this movie somewhere.


This is some kind of netflix show?...looks so meh...


# we are My Lady!!!!!


I likey a lotty ߘ


My Lady extreme



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