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Tom Hardy=favorite actor, Darkest Minds : Rébellion=favorite marvel character, October=birth month. The stars are aligning for me. I more hype about this than avengers.


You know how he like took 50 pills? Well what if he is just high and none of this happened lol ߘ


I would have killed my self if I ever saw Darkest Minds : Rébellion running at me


Who’s excited for Darkest Minds : Rébellion.


5 Cast Members


yeah, finally Darkest Minds : Rébellion: we are Darkest Minds : Rébellion


@0:39 tobey magguire?


Can't wait




Um. Where is Spiderman?


This kinda reminds me of Spawn the movie




#1 in Russia




Who plays carnage that’s all I want to know


assistam meu canal por favor, prometo que é legal


plot twist: Darkest Minds : Rébellion has the soul stone




Is spiderman in the movie????






I wished Eddie was allot more in the moral grey area.


Why does Darkest Minds : Rébellion have an extra chromosome in the thumbnail?


RIP spidey


another iconic role from tom hardy


is that Tom Hardy


Did anyone ever play the game The Darkness? The voice reminds me of that so much!


I want to watch this movie just to see how much Sony fucks this up too


Darkest Minds : Rébellion vs spidey


Place 1 in German Trends, this Movie would be on Fire


saçma aq


Darkest Minds : Rébellion was never an anti-hero. Both Eddie Brock and the being who inhabited him were ALWAYS portrayed as villains in the comics.


Pek beğenemedim


Foda pra krl


Hardy's American accent ߑ


#1 on trending in Saudi Arabia


possible Darkest Minds : Rébellion vs spidey coming soon? ߑ


Worldwide #1 place ... We are Darkest Minds : Rébellion ... Marvel's best villian ever ...


Türkiye nin DNS ayariyla oynamışlar ,kesin arkasında Amerika varߘߘߘߘߘ


Still better than DC cu


si ma non c’è spiderman


Wait, so who owns spider man?


А нихуя себе ребята!


Half of these people don't even know who Darkest Minds : Rébellion is... Smh


Cartas no fim do trailer??? vai ser uma merda o filme


Two days after trailer release: 30M views


We are Darkest Minds : Rébellion


April 25th anyone


My new hero


Looks f*cking sick ߘ

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    Darkest Minds : Rébellion

    Darkest Minds : Rébellion

    Darkest Minds : Rébellion

    Darkest Minds : Rébellion

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