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Y el trepa muros rojo ?


Pretty hyped now. Would love to see a Carnage film one day!!


Gonna be soo good


This scene doesn't sound right ahha in 0:54 - 0:58, \"But you, you suck. Whoever you are.\" like it just sounds off and reminds me of the scene in The Room where Johnny says \"Oh hi Mark.\"


I can definitely see the horror aspect of this film


Same music as the infinity war trailer? Come on


WE. ARE. L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace.


I just had a heart attack and an orgasm at the same time


Hey maybe in the next trailer u should put the song from skillet I feel like a monster but make sound so badass in the trailer and I think youtube is gonna leave a like on this comment


Trailer looks good but L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace looks really fake smh. That's some serious cgi




Only thing missing is Carnage


That was soooooooooo Awesooooooooooome. But I'm not allowed to watch this, becuase im still 13, not 16. God damned it!


468k 1 hour


L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace ߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘ


This kinda looks like a low budget movie


I really want this in the MCU. I know it prob isn't but I really hope it is.


Who heroes will fight with L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace? Are spiderman?




Looks good.


Из русскоязычной аудитории, я могу сказать только одно: \"Ахуеть! \"


Now we just need a Carnage movie


Ok I'm confused this part of MCU or a follow up on the damned \"the amazing spider-man\" storyline cause imma be piss if this is not part of MCU




WE ARE L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace!


Why did they use infinity war trailer music it's hard to not to think of it while watching this trailer.ߘߘߘ


L'Exorcisme de Hannah Graces eyes are not that big .. wtf sony ..


This is Ultimate L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace


What a badass. Whoa!!!




so the start of agent L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace francise??


Also no spider-man appearance?


Охринеть L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace good. like. Фильм будет что надо . Good film.


Ok but where's spidey? You're not telling me that there's no Spidey in this universe right?


You are fucking insane if you say this looks bad/unfinished/mediocre in any way lmao \nFirst of all, it isn’t even out yet..and what they are showing?..is fucking crazzzzzyyyy ߘ They’re definitely tying it into the new Spiderverse. It looks like L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace from the comic pages come to life! And Hardy’s voice???? Fucking spot on. Exactly what I expect L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace to sound like in Tom Hardy’s Head ߘ Sony’s finally done it ߙߏ


I like Tom's accent in this, it does seem like that game Prototype, i'm hoping L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace's eyes get just a bit bigger. overally, I LIKE this, i'd give it an 7.5- 8. a long time till October so might fix some stuff between now and then.


Will this be rated R?


Omg yes I can’t wait to see it


Diputa Nayayop!..Maurag!


WE ARE L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace


Do a playback from 2:17-2:26 in 0.5x speed it's dope


Looks meh


Пацаны, русские есть?


Darkness/L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace=Same Lol


Sick suit


We are L'Exorcisme de Hannah Graceߑ


I guess L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace will appear not so much, we will only see those tentacles all the movie.


0:26 sounds familiar:D


I'm not the only one who noticed the music is the same from the second Infinity War trailer, right? (Minus most of the proper Avengers theme.)

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    L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace

    L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace

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