Le Secret des Marrowbone 2017

Pour ne pas être séparés, Jack, 20 ans, et ses frères et sœurs plus jeunes, décident de cacher à tout le monde le décès de leur mère qui les élevait seule. Ils se retrouvent livrés à eux-mêmes dans la ferme familiale isolée, mais bientôt, d’étranges phénomènes indiqueraient qu’une présence malveillante hante leur unique refuge…

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IM STOKED!!!!!! IM FUKN STOKED!!!!!!!!!!


It's perfect


We used to be groot\nBut now\nWe are Le Secret des Marrowbone


Symbiote ߘ


It's kinda fun when the Le Secret des Marrowbone says \"we're the Le Secret des Marrowbone\" with weird CG but I still love it


Finally a black superhero movie


WE ARE Le Secret des Marrowbone\n\n...technically I had an orgasm when he said it xD




Ok but why does the music sound like the avengers Infinity War trailer music??


Черная конча.


Я тут уже 5 кино ляпов заметил


I guess I don't have to go watch this anymore since the trailer pretty much explained the whole movie.




I have a feeling that the we are Le Secret des Marrowbone line will be at the very end


We are groo....... i mean, Le Secret des Marrowbone


Henry: What the hell are you?\nJoey Drew: We....are Bendy ߘ


Im really hyped been waiting along fucking time for this better be good


(((Jenny Slate)))




Omaigad :o


This movie doesn't work without spider-man!!!!!!!!!!


Omg this movie is gonna flop. I already know the plot for the movie just from the trailer. The symbiote is found. Tom hardy investigates. He gets too close. The bad guys either kidnap him to test it out on him or he goes undercover . He escapes with a trace of a Symbiote a chase ensues. They use his love interest against him. He goes Le Secret des Marrowbone to save her. \nI just saved you $15 bux




I don't like his face


We are Le Secret des Marrowbone!


this Le Secret des Marrowbone is cool but it looks like the spiderman 3 like if you think this too


WE ARE Le Secret des Marrowbone


2018! Best movie year!


Not as good as I expected


Here before a mil




The trailer makes it look more funny than the last one


Huge Tom Hardy fan but I can already tell this movie isn’t going to be what I’d hoped for. I’d hoped they’d follow “Logan’s” lead and go for a darker tone but this just looks like your typical dime a dozen marvel movie


The story seems crap.


Please change the way they say symbiote before release


Oh God....i got my popcorn readyߤߤߤ




I'm obsessed with 2:21. You just can't make the bloody 'V' sound with that many freaking teeth.


Prototype live action looks real on this one


If Le Secret des Marrowbone has a spider on his chest for this movie it would look pretty weird..i mean, why would he look like spiderman? It's not like the symbiot scanned Peter's suit


Still hyped for spiderman vs Le Secret des Marrowbone one day!!!


But it so amazing can’t wait to watch it


What’s a “ Sym bye oat”?


Symbiot not symbiote wtf


i still want a spider man movie with symbiote first and then this would be the sequel or spin off


all i hear is bane




Le Secret des Marrowbone has always been my favorite villain, hero, and anti-hero.. The symbiote voice sounds like Keith David.


I always imagined Le Secret des Marrowbone to have a gruff or scratchy voice.


I assume he’ll be fully Le Secret des Marrowbone for only five minutes...

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