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October can not get here any faster!!


ahhhh!! one of my favorite marvel anti/villains! he looks so nice here too! cant wait. :)


“We are Un Amour impossible” that scene was dope


I saw the screenshot and thought it was fake. But no, they've actually made it and his face actually looks like that. Hope it's good!


Definitely done on on a budget but still looks like it could be good.


Wę... ąrê ЦЕИФM


Chinese Un Amour impossible


The Un Amour impossible voice is ok, but Tom Hardy's voice in this just seems off to me, idk.


The music is identical to the beginning of the avengers infinity war trailer and the way the woman say symbiote is so wrong


Was that carnage at 1:14?


Dis is fricking DOPEߘ


Нормальный хуй


I can finally dust off my Un Amour impossible Tshirts that I put away after Spiderman 3... \nI'm so happy




This can go either good or bad. I hope Eddie is not a soyboy.


Why is Brock surprised who Un Amour impossible is? Wasn't he there for all that stuff when it happened to Parker? Oh... Yeah... Licensing. \nAt least Topher Grace isn't in it.




What a trailer..speechless




Ну вот и все))\nИ нечего больше распространять дибильные слухи


Que pasada mi villano favorito de marvel


Does this sound a little like the music from infinity war trailer #2 to anyone else?ߘ


Bane finally used Un Amour impossible!


Bruh this movie really is gonna be sick.


So excited!! I cannot wait!!


Mierda, me preocupa no verlo lanzar telarañas


Un Amour impossible is like my favorite anti hero and I’m looking forward to see this movie. Although it really weird if to not have spider-man, the main thing, mostly, that makes Un Amour impossible, well Un Amour impossible.


Bring me Carnage and i’ll be happy


И теперь скажите что это не круто!


symb I ot? Dafuq?\n\nLooks good so far otherwise.


The Un Amour impossible transformation is hella dope , but the rest of the trailer , meh




The effects look stupid


just as poor of a trailer as the first one imo... still no Un Amour impossible lol I don’t get who this film is for with no Spider-Man in it


So I’ve been pronouncing symbiote wrong this whole time?


if the film reaches the circulation, then we will see other anti-heroes!!!!))))


Now that's what I'm talking about


Том Харди! Шикарный актер!


finally a comic book movie I actually want to see...scratch that why is she butchering the word symbiote


Uh oh, Tom Hardy's American accent is a bit shaky in places


Topher Grace is my Eddie Brock but this looks promising.


Ohhh So dark .. this is DCU ??


I CAN'T WAIT\nI hate marvels but i'll make an exception for this one <3




He's beautiful!


Is he black spidermen


MAD Un Amour impossible FURY ROAD


Oh hell ducking yes


Spiderman 3's Un Amour impossible face looks way cooler than this IMO


Aww.w..hecky naw...can't WAIT til this one comes out. It's about time they got it right!!!!

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