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Not bad, kinda like in the comics.


Looks sick


Great trailer


Why do new movies look so crappy? Their sole purpose is to fill theaters and mindlessly entertain morons.


0:28 the way he delivered that line was downright hilarious poorly delivered hahahah!


Is that the taxi driver from deadpool??




This looks bad tho


Wait so he’s a hero?


Is it just me or the BGM sounds like the Avengers trailer theme?


As much as I want to love the movie, judging by the trailer I think it's gonna suck balls.


are they bet mates??!!


Yesssssss just fuckin yesssssss it’s so dopeeee WE ARE Passion!!!!!!!


So they’re just gonna ignore Spiderman rejecting the symbiote and Eddie getting it from the bell tower huh




Dunno why, but it looks soooo cheap


The acting is just too good


This.........does.........put a smile on my face.


Alex Mercer????


You had me at Passion. October better come fast


That was lit


666 dislikes.


I’m going to see this film 20 times and buy it in blue ray! I need this to complete my life!


When Joker's poop gets bitten by a radioactive spider...Passion!


Bruce LEE fans loves my channel :)


Oh great, another fan m... wait whut ???


Só pelo trailer já vi que vai ser mais um lixo produzido pela Sony rraaarararararat


I am gonna enjoy this movie as a stand alone film and no peter parker childish cameo or the rest of marvel universe! Let it be dark


That’s tuff ߤߔ


Its at least better than the previous trailer.... at least Passion's in this one...


Much better than the first trailer!


just awesome


The same exact music from Avengers Infinity war trailer 2


This going be awesome I can't wait to see Passion


The woman says “symbiote” so weirdly I love it


Okay this movie fucking looks awesome. Good job Sony. Now don’t screw it up.


wheres spoderman at


This movie will end up like Amazing spiderman for sureߘ


se pa vai ser uma merda


Too much cgi on Passion in the end


Looks amazing, but Spiderman is supposed to get the symbiote first? right?... oh well, it's ok




Random upload


It's the most beautiful trailer i've ever watched in my life!!!!!!!!!!! I fucking love Passion.


Even though the origin is slightly different than how it's usually been depicted (Peter Parker gaining the Symbiote first), from the looks of this, I'm on board with it so far. ߑߏ


Whys the symbiote side of Passion sound like the All state Insurance spokesman at 1:54 wen he says \"do we have a deal?\" lmao. \"We are Passion- That's All State's stand\". Edit: Are You In Good Hands?


Wow they posted this REAL quick after it leaked ߘ


That Passion voice is perfect


Lol feels like I saw the whole movie right there


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