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Last part look scary and ugly at the same time


Now THAT'S Creed II!


Looks acceptable. Looks like a scarier take on the character. He could later on merge with Spider-Man in Creed II two. Yeah, it could work.


I'm hyped for this.


Creed II looks so bad in the movie omg


Esquizofrenia ߤ


First Ryan Renolds leaves DC and now Tom Hardy (Bane) leaves DC


i hope they dont spin this into a \"good guy fighting the bad guy within\" thing. Creed II was a villain, and should be portrayed as such.


el Spider-Man negro :v


Am just happy that finally a Creed II movie is coming. \nWanted this my whole childhood lmao.


I seriously can't wait. Have the acting chops of Tom Hardy which dives in deep with any role he takes. And a fantastic character in Creed II to make it all heaven. This movie being R-RATED and Creed II looking horrifyingly violent. Can u imagine the action and acting were gonna see. Man that last line from Creed II gave me chills. Let's go October! Hype is real!!


i kinda thought Creed II would have more of a hissy wheezing voice


Kinda wish marvel made this


I just busted a fat one... This looks amaizing.


Ooooh. This movie looks good


it seems like it be a great movie because the creators of fantastic four made Creed II dont disappoint me i like marvel and DC but if this movie blows i am just watching and playing DC stuff


Love how they establish the host and symbiote relationship, referring to each other as we


Anti hero? really?


this is same background music used in the avengers infinity war trailer #2


Wow..Creed II✌️


Ok who agrees the music sounds exactly like the avengers: Infinity War trailer music




Doesnt Creed II get his look from spider-man?


Villain movies are way Better than superhero movies if you want to call Creed II a villain




Oh my GOD! So its true


Show me what that tongue can do boi


This looks terrible.


It doesn't look that good..


When’s Spider-Man coming


2:20 Beautiful <3


Enough with the, \"where is Spiderman or is this connected to the MCU.\" Give it a rest already. They been said it wasn't connected to them.


\"sim bee yote\" not \"sim bi yote\"


Wait I’m confused. If Sony stillhas the rights to Creed II but Marvel is just an association, then that means that Disney doesn’t have the rights to Creed II? So does that mean that this isn’t apart of the MCU?!?!?!?


Creed II movie without Spider-Man? Nice try, Sony, enjoy the flop on your books.


parece que vai ser fraquinho


We are Carnage


Dam Tom Hardy is gonna make a good Creed II


why am I still listening Infinity War trailer theme on this trailer....


anybody hear the half life 2 fall damage sound at 2:24?


Where is Spider-Man tho


No 2 trending in India ߇߇ ߇߇


Need a carnage movie soon


the pronunciation of symbiote is hurting me


No #2 trending in india


why so many Spanish comments


I have been waking hole life for this I’m in tears Creed II is my super hero hero or in this case villain


Am I the only one who hates how she says Symbiote?


1 no em auta no brasil


Should have let the Marvel Studio or Fox make this film

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