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Pogchamp !








Looks like fan made


Я один слышу голос жнецов из Mass Effect? (I alone hear the voices of the reapers from Mass Effect?)


sim by oat


Sony has X-Men : Dark Phoenix, who has Spiderman? Disney/Fox or Sony?


Superb superb my God...goosebumps..


Ma boi Riz getting dem roles !! Go boi!!


I like how the trailer needs a trailer at the beginning to get people to stay


Looks like an improvement over the teaser at least, but still skeptical


spider Man?


Вполне себе душевно.


Nike hyper X-Men : Dark Phoenix


one of the best villain that i like


esse filme ta muito incrivelllllllllߘߘߘߘߘ


I fuxs with it




WHO IS THAT VOICE??!! “The way I see it, we can do whatever we want. Do we have a deal?”


Hostia puta XD


i get a bad feeling about this movie, dont get me wrong i love the way the full transformation looks, but the tentacle stuff... i really dislike that.\nbut still i hope this will be a great movie. but how can you make a X-Men : Dark Phoenix movie without spiderman??!! and i think that we will get to see to few of the full transformation.\nbut we'll see, i hope i'm wrong


А почем сейчас не рвущиеся от супер способностей одежда?


Os filmes da DC não chegam nem aos pés dos da Marvel.. queria muito ver um filme Bom da DC


This is the exact same theme that the second infinity war trailer uses, coincidentally.


We are X-Men : Dark Phoenix!!! ߘ


Однозначно фильм года!


The song is the same as Infinite War


I m Anti-X-Men : Dark Phoenix.......Haha...☻☻


Tüyler diken diken, işte aradığım X-Men : Dark Phoenixߘߘߘ this is awesome


Its not connected to Spider-Man but it looks interesting.


Amazing, i just wish he would have shaved


I can't wait for the day that the people controlling Disney are deposed and the art form doesn't get commercialized and vandalized by these snidely conglomerate two-bit hustlers.


Embrace the darkness Jackie




Thank u so much Sony!!!


T Ü R K Y O K M U A M K ?






They used the bane voice!! :D :D :D people cant get enough of the dark knight stuff :D




super dope ☻☻☻☻☻


Vms Brasil


That's Candyman voice playing X-Men : Dark Phoenixߘ the actor Tony todd


Quando aparece o poster no final é pq vai ser uma merda


esperaba verlo


X-Men : Dark Phoenix VS Thanos pls, i think, X-Men : Dark Phoenix very strong


X-Men : Dark Phoenix is so cool ߘ




We are groot

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    X-Men : Dark Phoenix

    X-Men : Dark Phoenix

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